How to say no?!

Ever badly crave an item, but just have a niggly feeling you will ooh at it once then never look at it again?

I have that feeling with Benefit’s new Posietint. It is extremely cute though:

In the UK it is £22.50 which is expensive considering how tiny the little jar is.

This is the pink slightly more opaque version of Benetint, which I think is crapola in a Jar. Benetint also has a million rip of versions that work better, quite frankly.

I’ve seen the swatches and it does look gorgeous – but I just know I won’t want to get my fingers stained pink in the morning – plus, I am more of a orange blush kinda girl.

Oh do I say no!?

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  1. Tine says

    Try getting it online. Even after shipping costs combined, it’s still cheaper than 22.50 pounds :)

  2. R says

    Hi tine

    I am trying to talk myself out of buying it at all! I am too lazy for liquid blushers normally!

  3. R says

    Hey Tine

    I like your beauty blog! theres not where to comment though so I am doing it heret to tell you!

  4. KiuKiu says

    Don’t get it! lol. You don’t need it and its not powder so it wont last forever! *resists lemming* :)

  5. MandyPandy says

    Is this something you’d consider stuffing into your makeup bag for quick touch ups, or do you already have a product that serves that purpose? If the latter is true, I’d pass.