How to remove Hair Dye that makes you look like a witch: Using RUSK Elimin8

This is how I remove hair colour (always when it’s gone too dark) – you may prefer to seek out a product called Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall from Boots because it’s a consumer grade hair dye remover. It comes in regular and extra strength. I had a look at that but I knew there wouldn’t be enough for my hair so I went for the tried and tested RUSK Elimin8.

RUSK Elimin8 is from Sallys – I wasn’t having much luck with Sallys at the weekend though, one store refused to sell it to me and in the other store, some girls were making comments about ‘the Chinese and their noodles’, before sheepishly serving me.


This comes in 2 sizes, they only had large in so bought it (Price, £20.99). There’s 3 parts, part 1 and 2 are mixed together and part 3 is a developer.Now…I am not saying you should buy this and use it…remember it’s for SALON use. But there’s no laws stopping you from using it…

Always read the instructions!

Part 1 and 2 are mixed in equal parts.


If you need hairdressing supplies, try Poundland! I got this set from there – in Sallys it was £3.50 for the bowl alone. I also got a cape from Poundland.


Before doing chemical treatments like this, I can’t live without Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Sensitive Soothe Scalp Serum (£12.55) – you can use it PRE treatment (such as dyeing) so that you have a protective layer.


Anyway the whole process took about 1hour or so. Before and after:


My hair is wet here, it looks like spaghetti. But ignore the brassiness…this has removed most of the back so my hair is back to a state where I can dye over it. I choose a warm caramel brown this time (photos in another post).



If you dye your hair too dark, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you can’t stand it! If you don’t want to use Rusk do go to Boots and try the Scott Cornwall stuff which has good reviews.

Have you ever removed a hair dye colour?

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  1. says

    Yes, yes I have. I’ve used the Scott Cornwall ColourB4 twice now. The last time I used it was to get rid of the Clairol Foam that made me look like a witch and added extra features to my bathroom…..I always feel much happier knowing there’s a way to get rid of the mistakes!

  2. says

    I’ve got a box of the Scott Cornwall which I meant to use after my latest golden brown shade turned out really dark – but apparently I suit the shade so I guess I’ll save the ColorB4 for another hair-mare! Oh and I just want to say Scott is a really lovely guy who personally responds to any queries you may have if you email him.

    It looks like the Rusk works really well but I’d hate paying that much for it – yes I’m cheap!

    Finally, the mood I’ve been in I would have been tempted to smack those girls who were making comments. I absolutely hate those whispered bitchy remarks – if you’ve got summat to say, man the heck up and say it to my face!

    Rant over =)