How To Clear Blocked Pores & Alienate Readers: Bliss Porefector Gadget Review

I am on a mission to get clear pores – I have recently invested in a lot of nose packs and scrubs which are supposed to get rid of blackheads (reviews coming up – I’ve found some gems).

But a gadget that clears pores…unusual! And you know I love gadgets. And getting blackheads out – I LOVE IT. It’s an obsession. On me or people related to me. Don’t do strangers, don’t like touching other people’s greasy skin.

But I digress.

Here is the product and how it is used:

From this point onwards there will be gory images of dirt being removed from pores. My client does not want to be identified so will be called Mildred.

Please look away if you are squemish. You have been warned, don’t come back to me with how disturbed you are, how you were eating your dinner at the time blah blah.

Ok, bravehearts? Let’s look at the tool…The Bliss Pore-fector Gadget comes in a posh box like this:


Inside for a princely sum of £125 you get:


* The mask was missing from my box

To be completely honest, the pricing doesn’t worry me too much. I don’t think it’s crazily expensive (about the same price as some hair curlers!) but it’s not cheap enough to buy willy-nilly.

They say:

This multi-tasking tool has two fabulous functions, both powered by sonic vibrations. First, it teams up with bliss daily detoxifying facial toner to fight ‘grime’, using higher-level vibrations (27,000 per second, to be exact) to power-wash pores and eliminate impurities like dirt, oil and debris. (The proof is in the toner, which goes on clear and looks cloudy after use.)

Results from our testers after one use: 100% felt the tool cleansed their pores. 88% felt the tool left skin deeply cleansed and fresh. 82% felt that their pores appeared less prominent.

Here is the unit which is white plastic. It’s light weight, at first I thought it felt a bit cheap but after you’ve been holding this for 10 minutes you’ll be glad it’s light.


Very simple stuff. Red button turns it on, and there are two settings for cleansing, constant vibrating and intermittent for more sensitive skins.

There’s also different times of usage that are recommended depending on your skin type.

You hold the trowel type end button side down to cleanse, and button side up for the moisture part (after cleansing you can use the tool to work in a serum or cream).


It comes with a charging stand…


You get this full size daily detoxifyig facial toner with it, which you use to cleanse the skin before hand and you can also use after. Can I just say this stuff is AMAZING! It totally gets rid of make up quickly without causing dryness.


Now on to the tool! There are a few notable things here….

1. The vibrations feel a little weak – to me anyway. Comapared to say the Clarisonic (which I am trialling) you can’t feel this one buzzing quite as much.

2. If you run it around your face area; chin, cheek, forehead you get the weirdest buzzing and ringing sound in your ears. Mildred called it “matching the resonate frequency of ones eardrum”. I found it quite off-putting as it reminded me of a dentists drill.

Now, watching how the lady in the Bliss Video did it, she was gentle. I was not. I did not watch the video first. I used this on Mildred, who had tears running building up after I had finished with them.

Anyway, my method was use a bit of elbow grease, but not excessively so. If you use this machine gently, it will get a bit of dirt out, but it will not unblock your pores – I tried it that way and it wasn’t effective enough for me; if that’s how you want to use it, you may as well just buy a Clarisonic which deep cleanses.

Anyway, here’s the result when used on the nose, probably people’s most blocked up area.



Mildred was scrunching which helps, as it gives you some resistance to work against:


Pores after, are cleaner. Obviously now is the time to close the pores, use a toner etc:


Mildred’s Verdict: “I think it’s quite good – better than singular extraction which hurts a lot more especially when you do it. It’s a bit quicker too – it reminds me of how the Romans used to bath, they used to steam themselves in baths and they’d use a metal scraper to…” WHATEVER!


I didn’t have that much hope for this tool because of the other reviews I’d read online but I’d definitely say it’s worth a punt if you are willing to use it with a bit of elbow grease to remove blackheads. My method is not recommended by Bliss by the way, and it does hurt a bit, but less than squeezing blackheads by hand.

I really don’t like the odd ringing you get in the ears after using this on the chin and cheeks though, and I don’t think it’s madly effective when used really lighly across this skin, at least not on me.

But I can’t help it, I do like it and although I wouldn’t use it daily I reckon I could manage it a few times a week.

FYI: *This was provided to me on loan to try out!

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  1. says

    Thanks for such an honest (but gross!) review :)

    I always like to see these type of gadgets in action, as the product can say what it likes on the box but you can’t really know unless you try it for yourself.

    I’m torn between this & a Clarisonic, but I may get both! :)

    Catherine x

    • Row says

      Hi Catherine

      I think the Clarisonic is a better investment, as it keeps pores clear and you use it every day so better value 😀

  2. says

    I’m a bit worried this only wiggles the top of the blackhead out, then the scraper “mows” it and the “root” of the blackhead will still be stuck in the pore. I always get massive zits when that happens, so I’m gonna pass. Doesn’t seem the most effective tool either. xD

    • Row says

      Hi Prinses

      Yes totally see what you mean. I did a squeeze afterwards to make sure the ends were out – very important to not leave in hard squeezed gunk!

  3. says

    thanks for the review, it looks pretty strange and i’m not surprise if it doesnt always work. I find most of these gadgets are a hit and miss thing. I’m still kinda concerned whether this would do more damage to the pores than help it.

    • Row says

      Hi Mint

      Well I must admit there’s a lot of elbow grease involved so yeah not the most gentle thing

  4. Lexi says

    Damn girl, you had me so scared there were going to be ultra disgusting pictures! That does look pretty amazing, I guess this is another product I will be adding on to my never ending wishlist ^_^

  5. says

    I want to play around with it. I’ll check it out from the store today (for working at Sephora we’re allowed to check out the expensive gadgets to try for a bit).

    Once at the store I saw a lady taking the display (which was charged) and starting to try it right then and there. No sanitizing it, no reading directions, nothing. It was disgusting.