How thin is too thin? Kevin Beautymaker Micro Fine Liquid Eye Liner

I love liquid eyeliner, just love it. Get the right one and its easy to apply, and lasts all day. I bought this one from Kevin Beautymaker (a Taiwanese brand) from Beauty Eshop – a UK based store that sells Asian products. Love it – means I get my make up the next day!

beautymaker eyeliner.jpg

I picked up this Micro Fine Liquid Eyeliner (in black only) and its o.1mm………super fine!

beautymaker kevin eyeliner.jpg

Want to see if it worked? Jump!

Kevin beautymaker.jpg

Pen liquid liners are so easy to use. I have a few of them from Shu Uemura, Coffret D’or, Lunasol and Chanel. I find them a lot easier to use than the traditional type liners.

The Beautymaker one isn’t refillable which is a shame…it feels like a waste sometimes. Also I find that I can control the amount of ink coming out with refillables, not as much with the ones you can’t use a cartridge with.

beautymaker micro eyeliner.jpg

The tip indeed is fine. I didn’t actually realise how fine until I used it on my eye. The black is deep and true:

beautymaker micro eyeliner-1.jpg

Did this line quickly, its not perfect, but still, its not too shabby:

beautymaker micro eyeliner-2.jpg

Lasted all day – perfect! This is good if you want a really really fine line. Its good for Asian eyes like mine because I have a small crease and sometimes, a black line that completely fills the lashline area is a little too full on for me.

kevin beauty maker eyeliner micro.jpg

Lovely jubbly! I like it! I bought it here for £11.99.

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