How I Save Money & Cheap Hauling on Fragrance Direct; Revlon Super Lustrious Lip Gloss & Sally Hansen!

The last time I used Fragrance Direct I was not a happy bunneh.

But times change, and I noticed a few people tweet about bargains they found on their website.  I am torn when it comes to discounted cosmetic web shops – on one hand it tends to be the end of line products, sometimes really old items or sometimes the bizarre colours that no one else wanted – but then again sometimes there are some bargains.  You just have to be sure you’re not just buying a ton of 99p make up that you’ll buy and never look at again…

I digress.  

I wanted to kit myself with a pedicure kit because I had a brilliant pedi the other week, but there’s no way I can pay £50 each time I want some foot pampering.  Additionally Mr C has hairy huge hobbit feet which need desperate attention! By budget was around £20 for everything. 

Fragrance Direct Haul Sally Hansen

I spent £20 – well £21, but I used Top Cash Back which is my NEW OBSESSION OMG – how has it taken me 30 years to discover this website? (actually I knew about these sites but I thought, what’s the point of getting 6% back on a small purchase? But it adds up!).

You log into the site before visiting a shop (there are many listed) and use their link to the store.  You will be offered a percentage of money back on your purchase…so far I have earned about £26 back in just 8 weeks which is certainly better than nothing. You just have to get into the habit (I kept forgetting) of checking before you buy anything to see if the store is listed (example, I use it for Debenhams, Matalan, ASOS, House of Fraser, The Book People, Groupon, Deramores (YARN!!!), Boots and Superdrug!).

If you would like to join (it’s free) you can use my referral link if you like which is here (I get £10 bonus if you join!). 

Anyway, on with my purchase!

I bought:

Sally Hansen Lavender Foot Soak (99p) – this was like, 2/3 full when it came, hmm.

Sally Hansen Just Feet Foot Mask (99p)

Sally Hansen Foot Cream (99p)

Sally Hansen Intensive Callus Remover (£2.50)

Sally Hansen Callus Remover (£2.50)

Sally Hansen Sole Control (£2.50)

I also got a forehead thermometer – Baby H has an ear one but I don’t trust it 100%! This was about £2.25

I couldn’t resist getting 2 large 500ml Sanitising Gels – usually used in salons but I am quite stringent about people using this before they play with baby H. These were just 1.49p each!

Then there’s the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses – I have owned one of these before and whilst I don’t think they are knock out lip glosses I think they are rather decent and these were just 99p each! All new and sealed 😀 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

I got Nude Lustre, Shine City, Peach Petal, Coral Reef and Pink Pop. Lovely! 

I paid £1.99 for shipping (second class got here in 5 days) and found a discount code for 10% off too which meant I got free shipping. 

It came in a box, everything chucked in with no bubble wrap around specific items.  There was a hole in the bottom of the box but luckily nothing escaped.

Overall I am happy with my purchases and overall customer service! :)  Now…it’s pedicure time!

Have you found any bargains recently?

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