How I feel after watching Game of Thrones, Episode 9…

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  I just wanted to express how I feel. 



This Episode is another reason why the Starks, as good as they are, drive me nuts with their lack of savvy.  

Robb Stark should’ve just married a minger daughter from the Freys and had done with it. That was the deal. That is what these kinds of families do, marry for political reasons, so why he thought it was ok to go against that and marry poor Talisa, who in the end would also pay the price of young passion, is beyond reason…oh wait, he’s a STARK.  And he’s just a boy.  And his last word was ‘Mother’, and that killed me a little bit because I have a little boy and…yeah.  *blows into tissue*

Like his father, Robb is too trusting and doesn’t listen to his Mother, (And I still can’t believe Ned Stark TOLD Cersei, who is my eyebrow sister, that he knew the children weren’t Robert’s) and that naiveté from the grown up Starks leave little Ayra, Bran and Rickon alone in the wilderness to fend for themselves.  And the thought of that, as a parent, is a complete nightmare. 

If anyone has more sensible feedback (such as GET A GRIP) about Episode 9 , The Rains of Castamere, feel free to leave your comments in the, er, comments!   


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  1. says

    Oh, it was so brutal! I can’t wait to see the Lannisters get their comeuppance, but I think we might have to wait a while for Khaleesi’s dragons to get a bit bigger before they get the shit-kickin’ they deserve.

    • Row says

      Hi Charlie

      I knew it was coming too but kept telling people off for telling me spoilers x

  2. says

    It was an instense episode. I couldn’t believe the ending, gosh! ç____ç
    Never read the books, though I’ve tried to start the first one, but I stopped after 3/4 of it because I got too bored. :/