How heavy is your Handbag?

Just seen a report on the news (must be a quiet day) about how women are ‘downsizing’ their handbags. Downsizing….hand…..bag…..DO. NOT. COMPUTE.

lady with bag large bag.jpg

I have a bad back and shoulders as it is with my enormous Chi-Chis so I have been trying to downsize. I bought the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag which is much smaller than my normal bag thinking it would force me to downsize.


The Wang has metal studs on the bottom so is very heavy on its own plus you can’t put it on your shoulder so all the weight is on your arm and hand. The total weight was 12kg for a fairly small bag! Within a month I had called it quits!

I basically carry 3-4 notebooks, a diary, medium make up bag, camera, ipod, phone, wallet, snacks, painkillers, cream, book and lots of random pieces. Well….you never know when nuclear destruction will occur. My handbag may just save me.

So I am interested – how big is your handbag, and what do you carry?!

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  1. says

    I burst out laughing at the pic… hahahahahaha
    I do have a lot in my bag, too. Lots and lots of silly stoof, I pack like a girl scout. Prepared for anything! Headaches? Got painkillers! Ideas? Planning to meet up with someone this week? Sketches? Moleskine, diary and paper pad!

  2. says

    My bag normally consists of a book, wallet, advil & ibuprofen (in their orginal bottles), pads, tamptons, a small change purse (that instead I use to hold such things as nail clippers, other medicines, a “to go” eyeliner, hair ties, chapstick, “to go” lip brush, and Baind-Aid Friction Block–amazing, by the way), gum, tic-tacs, mini Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, hand lotion, small mirror, mini hair brush, keys of course, Korres Lip Butter, and my phone.

    Gah! Reading that makes me anxious to clean out my purse. But I know full well all of that would end up in there again.

  3. says

    Haha! I was just thinking that I need to get a bigger bag, as my bag was overflowing today.
    Right now I have a book, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, tissues, mp3 player,notebook, mini planner, various cards and flyers, card case, pens, lip balm, phone, eco-bag, gum, and a makeup bag (vitamins, ibuprofin, pads, solid perfume, lipstick, gloss, bandaids, moisturizer, oil blotting paper, eyeshadow, hair tie, small mirror).

  4. says

    Ah god my boyfriend constantly mocks the size of my bag, but carrying so much stuff usually comes in useful! I usually carry a pair of fold up shoes, my diary, a notebook, makeup, phone, camera, iPod, plasters, gum, asprin, hand cream, purse and various voucher print outs.

    I’m basically a muggers dream.

    • Row says

      Hey Emma

      You and me both! I also carry my life in my handbag and a variety of expensive gadgets…just in case, ya know!?