How fake is too fake?

I was watching a tutorial on the Tube, and I noticed how the lady in question had very obvious, thick grey contact lenses in. I’ve personally never seen the appeal of wearing contacts because they are so obvious and make you look stoned (unless I suppose, you are stoned or you are going for a very specific look).

I have delicate eyes anyway and I won’t mess about with my corneas.

Which begs the question – how fake is too fake?

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You could say Make Up itself is artifice anyway – but what I do love about make up is that it washes off easily.

For me, personally – I am interested in flaws, in imperfections and I am super low maintenance so I don’t do fake tan, fake nails (have you ever seen the bacteria that grows underneath the fake nail?! I have, under a microscope, and if you did it would probably put you off for life), fake hair (just cos it seems a bit weird having someone else’s hair weaved on to my head but I wouldn’t say no to trying out clip in pieces), really fake white teeth. Natural teeth aren’t actually glow in the dark white.

I guess that’s why I would dabble in teeth whitening kits, I would dabble with clip in hair and nail polish, but I wouldn’t install any permanent fakery onto my body. Surely things like long and glossy hair, bright and straight teeth, healthy nails were supposed to show that you took care of yourself as opposed to the the fact you could afford to buy these features. Because when people need to put their sunglasses on when they see you walking down the street, you’ve probably gone a little too far.

That’s just me of course. What about you? Where do you draw the line?

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  1. says

    Circle lens (colored or the black ones) never cease to creep me out luckily I only saw those once on a girl…I don’t get why people with perfect vision would want to ear contact just so that they have bigger eyeballs…(People already need contacts want to have some fun with color is understandable…I am near sighted myself but I just go for the nerdy glasses anyway…)

    I would go for teeth whitening strips(speaking of which, I need to stock up.) and I play with nail colors once I week just becuase they are fun…beside though, I think I can deal with my flaws like freckles and some acne marks.

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      I never got the circle lenses! They’re quite popular in Asia aren’t they? Super creepy, makes you look like your iris is wide open. I would opt for glasses personally, over contacts if I needed them I’d just spend some serious dough on a gorgeous, comfy pair!

      Yes! Whitening strips sound like fun, I am going to buy some myself to test out. x

  2. sue says

    I’m too chicken to go under the knife so i opt to try circle lens and whitening strips instead! Hmm for circle lenses i have a pair in black & brown–nothing to colorful or freaky. I wear them only on special occasions and for a couple of hours a day. I have to admit, they do make my eyes look larger and brighter and enchances my eye makeup overall. I have a pair of flat shaped almond eyes and my crease so tiny but with circle lens it i can get away with doll faced/ayumi hamasaki look. You gotta try crest whitening strips, the premium ones work wonders!

    • Row says

      Hi Sue

      What do the circle lenses look like in? I bought some crest white strips, gonna try but I’ve tried other types before (white light or something) and the pain, the pain.