How Cute! Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher Review

You know when you see something that’s soooo cute that you must have it? Well here is my latest ‘I-must-have-it’ item!

Skinfood’s Apple Can Multi Blushers!

Inside this little kidney shaped cans is a two tone blush and a fluffy puff:

apple-can-multiblusher-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 330x220 pixels).jpg

I bought three shades – why? Because I just had to have them!

Apparently these blushers contain Apple Extract:

skinfood apple can multi blusher.jpg

Each can comes with a handy mirror and a puff. The puff, lets face it, is pretty useless as an applicator. Its too wide, too fluffy, to puffy.

skinfood apple can blusher.jpg

It also takes up too much space in the can. Once you take out the puff, you will see that the colour is a tiny little thing at the bottom of the tin.

This placement annoys me somewhat – it seems like a real waste of space and since I won’t be using the puff anyway, it makes it a pain for me to carry the blush about.

Anyway, here are the shades.

Apple Pink No. 1

Skinfood Apple Can Blusher .jpg

This has 3 tones in it – a rich pink, a pale highlighter and a mid pink.

Mixed together:

Skinfood apple can blusher-4.jpg

This pink is quite nice, quite pigmented and blends nicely. Its hard to use being in that stupid can (didn’t I say it was cute earlier?!). Use a brush!

Apple Orange No. 2

skinfood apple can blusher-1.jpg

Not very orange, more of a soft peach. Nice for fairer ladies, this once again has 3 tones awkwardly placed in the palette. You’d need quite a narrow brush to get to that mid toned shade!

Mixed together:

skinfood apple can blusher-2.jpg

Apple Lavender No. 3

skinfood blusher apple can.jpg

So this one is probably more of a colour corrector as its a pale lavender. Its quite nice though, and unusual.

Mixed together:

skinfood apple can blusher-3.jpg


Man, these are so cute but totally not necessary.

I hate the packaging, its adorable but impractical. The shades are quite nice and if you are missing that pink or peach or lavender, you could consider these but they aren’t unusual enough to be jumping out of a building for.

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  1. ohinggni says

    I have No.1 Pink and No.2 Orange. I Love them very much. They smell apple … smell sweet. Their color very lovely.

  2. Thu says

    Hullo! If I used the lavender powder as an all-over setting powder instead of a blusher, would the purple colour be too over-powering? I might buy this only if its for a setting powder but I don’t want it as a blusher…thanks!