wickedwall2-jpeg-image-1024x768-pixels-scaled-76 I must update you with some general housekeeping notes since there will be mucho posts this week, which means things tend to get lost.

Giveaways!  Note that you can see this weeks giveaway and last weeks winners by using the links on the sidebars.  If you are just too lazy, the Current Giveaway is Here and Last Week’s Winners is Here.

There is also a new rating system which I will use with reviews from HG to 1 Star.  The ratings breakdown can be viewed using the link in the sidebar (under the Twitter badge) or you can click Here.

I have been far too busy to work on the swatch gallery but I am employing a clever programmer soon to help my get the infrastructure (so to speak) in place so that the gallery will be fully searchable.

What else? Oh, I have been obsessed with Wicked ever since I saw it last week in London…and I am rebooting the diet.  Oh, it’s sooooo difficult saying no to lattes with brown sugar and full fat milk.  Perhaps what I really need is some spanx?


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