Housekeeping: Explaining my what my new footers mean!

I had an email the other day asking why I was inserting these little logos at the end of my posts (where relevant – ie. reviews).

I have been doing this for the sake of transparency and therefore, for my readers so they feel I have been honest with my posts.

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time will know that I genuinely say whats on my mind anyhow…quite frankly, an invite to an event or another pot of free cream I’ll never get round to using isn’t worth the sheer joy of writing the TOOTH. Er, I mean Truth.

Now…a Hermes Birkin in Blue Croc with a diamond padlock?….I can be bribed….

Anyway, since putting the logos in, I have realised that I:

a. Buy an overwhelming amount of the make up and skincare I review

b. Wish I had paws, although, life without thumbs is wholly impractical

So, for you, a quick run though of what the footers mean (some people have asked for clarification).


This means I bought it and paid for it myself for the purpose of reviewing it and using it, possibly blog sale-ing it if necessary in the future! It may be a full price item, or a bargain I found on eBay but the point is, I paid for it!


This means a press person has sent me the item for my consideration with the hope that I will review it on the blog. (But I never promise a review nor do I promise a good review – the more things I get, the more I wait until something comes along that inspires me before writing.)


This means someone has bought it for me – could be Mr Candy (fat chance) or friends, or family, or readers. It is something that I didn’t pay for (perhaps in kind!?) but was given to me to use, not with the intention of reviewing.



This means that I didn’t pay for the item, and I got it for free (for example, a sample from a make up counter) and is something that I have zero obligations to review.

Hope this makes things a little clearer. I thought it was necessary to add a few categories because not everything is as clear cut as a purchase/pr.

What do you think? Like them? Think they are pointless? Am I missing any other ones?

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  1. GrumpyTart says

    I think they are a great idea. It will certainly shut up anyone who might want to suggest your reviews are biased!

    But, why no pussy on the PR banner?

  2. says

    Better than those usualy disclaimer we put at the end of our blogpost. Yours are brief,precise and to the point and *wit a catpaw*.love em.even I was thinking of making banner like these for my blog