Housekeeping: Blog Changes, Poll and Random Chit Chat

Hallo Ladies! its been a while since I’ve done a random chit chat post but here is a quick bulletin, if you like, about what’s been going on.

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Blog Changes

Mr Candy is working hard on blog changes and a new layout is imminent so don’t be disturbed if you log on one day and things look different!

The new layout will be much cleaner and easier to use, and there will be more sections for you to use and browse, but it will take a little while to make sure everything is working smoothly if you do have any technical difficulties don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Busy Bee

I am incredibly busy at the moment at work, with personal life things and of course with this blog. Once the new layout has been implemented, expect to see the new blog I have been working on which I hope you will like!

We will be doing videos soon too, its taking a while to get things together, but I want them to be the best that I can make them.

I’ve also got tons of lovely things to show you beautywise – its been a great month for trying out some really lovely things like the Clarins and Estee Lauder summer collections

Lilac Hair

This week I’ll also be braving some treatments in order to review them on the blog – getting my hair dyed lilac (yep), spray tan (eek!), more lash extensions (good!) and a long massage (great!). Read all about them here!

Best Ever Month

Every single month for the last year this blog has grown in leaps and bounds, and this month by nature has been our best month for visitors returning and new (so April should be even better?!).

So thank you as always for reading, for visiting, if you like what we do that’s amazing, if you don’t, then we are always trying to do better so do let me know what you think.


So I am going for a Xen-Tan Spray Tan in a week or so. This is my first ever spray tan! I have tried Xen Tan before and its an excellent fake tan (bear in mind I’m not a massive fake tan fan but it was so easy to use).

I have been nagging at people all week about this. Some tell me I’d be an idiot not to get my chi chis out but others say they would keep their bikini tops on during a spray tan. So tell me:

Shall I get the girls out for a spray tan?

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    Ok, I have no suggestions for you, I never tried any kind of fake tan, but I’d love to do a random chat too. Did you see the brand new Chanel Coco Rouge? Love love love the coral/pink shade Vanessa Paradis wears on the ad.