Hotel Chocolat does SCENT?! Cocoa Juvenate Repose Eau De Parfum and Treatment Candle

Chocolate. Have you had enough of it? Christmas seems to be a time for gorging on Chocolate, and my killers this year have been;

1. Lindt, the red ones

2. Ferrero Rocher, the gold ones

3. Misc – random pieces of chocolate people have stuffed into my mouth. 

I have been fortunate enough to get some lovely Hotel Chocolat chocolate too – yum – and did you know they did fragrances too? You did? I didn’t!

Hotel Chocolat does SCENT Cocoa Juvenate Repose Eau De Parfum and Treatment Candle

Hotel Chocolat actually already have a Cocoa Juvenate beauty range and the Respose range is a new addition.  Developed at the company’s Boucan Hotel and Restaurant on Saint Lucia, the Cocoa Juvenate Repose range makes full use of cocoa’s natural properties.  

The scent is based in roasted cocoa, florals, sandalwood and leather. 

Firstly – the packaging is heavy weight and expensive feeling in dark brown and gold – quite masculine really – Dairy Milk this is not, it looks very much a pricey and giftable range. 

I liked this scent and candle a lot lot more than I thought I would – whilst it has a masculine edge, but it completely wearable for women too. I picked out the florals and the leather, whereas the Mr picked out the musky note. It’s a very warm scent, a bit spicy – I sometimes find spicy scents sometimes smell too foodie, a bit like a curry, but this scent was very elegant and the musky-spice didn’t smell dirty – if that makes sense.  It’s definitely one I would smell on someone else then want to grab them to smell it again.  

This is not my usual kind of scent! I primarily like fresher, floral like, tea scents.  This is far more warm and spicy than I go for and yet, I couldn’t resist using it every time I’ve been out this week…I really like it. 

The candle which burns for 40-50 hours is the same scent as the fragrance, although for some reason, the Mr preferred the scent on his skin than burnt for the room. I think it is just as nice and subtle. It also seemed to be a very clean burning candle. 

Hotel Chocolat does SCENT Cocoa Juvenate Repose Eau De Parfum and Treatment Candle 1

The Respose Treatment Candle is £30 for 200g. 

The Respose Eau De Parfum is £47 for 50ml and I really like it much much more than I thought I would. 

See the full range here (it’s quite varied). 


*PR Samples 

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