Hot Mum Hair: John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review

How I envy thee, who have time to style their hair prettily; alas, time to curl, straighten, fluff up the barnet is no longer mine, so most days I make sure my hair is: clean / not too frightening – and that is enough. 

But now that Baby H is growing up, it’s time for me to stop frightening the post men (don’t ask me how these two issues are linked, but they kind of are). One thing I am bad at is drying my hair with a round brush and hairdryer (though I may try).  So I let it dry naturally and it goes into a slightly curly frizzy thing unless I put product in it. 

Enter the John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler:

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review

I used to laugh at this kind of brush because my mother is a convert; she as a retro one from Asia where they’re more popular as it means she can dry and style at the same time.

Hers looks like this:


Panasonic Hair Styler Eh Ka22 v price in India Rediff Shopping

Evil things. 

When I was a kid I wrapped my super long hair around the hard bristles and it got totally stuck. I panicked so cut off my hair near the root…like you do. 

So, when I first saw the Salon Shape Air Styler I thought:

The bristles will be too hard and too big.

Here it is:

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 1

It’s one of those ‘looks heavy’ but isn’t contraptions. This is a good thing, since you won’t get arm ache whilst drying your barnet. 

My hair is currently slightly longer than medium, so I wondered if the brush would be too big. 

It actually isn’t and works quite nicely because the bristles are lovely and soft, like a springy hair brush.  No tangling!! But they are jagged enough to catch the hair and pull with some tension, as you would need in order to brush out those kinks. 

The bottom of the brush – I covered this accidentally and it started to smell burny- whoops.

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 2

2 Switches, put up once for a slower warm hair blast, twice for the mega hair blast which is what I have each time cos you know – I ain’t got time to faff! 

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 3

I used this brush both times with styling products from John Frieda’s Repair Range, a serum first and then a heat protection spray (I will review these another time) and I am REALLY happy with the combination of products and this styler – they seemed to work well and my hair stayed fresh looking for a good day or two (remember I am a hair washing obsessive so it takes a lot for me to refrain from doing a daily clean).

Pulling through my hair:

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 4

The side which had a regular dry, not the brush – this is what my hair looks like if left alone:

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 5

Side with using the brush – much smoother and neater. One thing though – you don’t want to drag sopping wet hair through this so I guess some people would blast it first. I personally find after having a shower, I end up pottering around and my hair is around 60-70% dry by the time I get a chance to run this dryer through it.

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 6

It also left my hair with volume and shine:

John Frieda Hair Salon Shape Air Styler Review 7

I have been using this after every hair wash for the last few weeks and I really like it – I have quite a low attention span where hair styling products are involved but this one is easy and effective enough to incorporate into the hair care routine. Plus it’s stopped me from looking like a scarecrow. 

This costs £29.99 from Boots.





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