Hot, Curly Lashes: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Model EH-SE50P Review

Reader Kuri helped me out by doing a purchase for me over in Japan for this latest Eyelash Curler from Panasonic:


The model is EH-SE50p and it comes in white too. I have tons and tons of eyelash curlers (I am always losing them) and I have about 4 heated curlers. Generally speaking, they are pretty pants.

My lashes are very straight as it is and they do not often obey…

I figured these Panasonic Heated Curlers are made for Asian lashes like mine that are tough to tame..


This one has an unusual wide head – the grey plastic cover protects you from the hot springs inside.

As with all eyelash curlers this has a colour change indicator to let you know when its ready and takes one AA battery.


The head shape gets some getting used too.

The other heated curlers I have, usually have a longer and narrower head. This one will cover almost all of the eyelash as you hold it against your eye so its a little bit scary to begin with…

Because it also gets very very hot! I guess this is how we tame lashes like mine but it does get a bit scary sometimes.

Even though the plastic part should protect your eye it got a little bit too close for comfort a few times….eek!


The best way to do it is to hold the brush vertically, and sweet your own lashes upwards, then hold it for 10 seconds or so. (I can’t read the instructions but this is how long I did it for).

Also another trick is to comb the lashes so that the hair goes in between the grooves, rather than just randomly pressing it against your lashes. This DOES mean that your eyeball feels closer to the heat!


Remember to apply mascara first.

With NO mascara, there was no curl at ALL for me even when I baked my eyeball.

With mascara – hurrah! It worked. I didn’t use the best mascara, just a random one lying around but with a waterproof, curling mascara, I think we’d have a winner.

Here is my first attempt. I played with it for 30 minutes, it was not really happening:


I tried again, and wiggled the lashes between the grooves, held it tight next to the lash and at the end of the curl pressed the ends a little bit back them themselves.



Sorry, I am so tired in this photo.

But you know, the curl is gorgeous and light, without any kinks in it.


Brilliant eyelash curler, but make no mistake – you need to be brave and you need to practise with this baby.

*UPDATE* – This curler works best with fibre rich waterproof mascaras.

I used this with a normal mascara from L’oreal and it just melted and came off. A waterproof mascara copes better, but a fibre rich mascara works the best.


– Imju Fiberwig
– Marilyn Fiber Long Mascara
– SANA Super Quick Mascara
– MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Enamel Glamour Mascara Volume on
– Most Fasio mascara’s I find are iron tight

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  1. jaffra says

    Wow, that is the BEST i’ve seen your eyelashes look – even better than the extensions you had!

    Please post a follow up with another mascara, would love to see the results :)

  2. liloo says

    this gives me confidence about my crappy lashes
    in fact, i feel so crap about my natural lashes, i dont even bother much with mascara during daytime :/
    maybe this weil help
    love how much it lifts them wow

  3. says

    I have these, they are very popular with asian people and alot of people have been using these eyelash curlers with imju fiberwig mascara which i have.
    I tried using this with western mascaras and it just mels it! Mac fiber rich lash is good with this too. I have tonnes of eyelash curlers and I have always used heated ones, this one is the best with asian mascaras I find

  4. Dana k says

    hey i wouldn’t recommend applying heat after you’ve used mascara I used to do that (with more or less the same heated eyelash curler) and my eyelashes started to break more easily! It will look good for a few weeks but you might start to see your eyelashes breaking a lot more than usual….

    This is from my experience I used to have very long thick eyelashes..not anymore!

    • Row says

      Hey Dana

      Oh really? I’ve found that curlers in general aren’t the best for my lash health :(

      But its…vanity I guess!

  5. Giselle says

    looks good on you! but i think i’ll stick with a hot blast of air from my blow dryer. my lashes are super straight too and that gives me the best curl. plus i’m scared of putting those heated ones near my eyes! i always think i’m gonna trip and burn my eyeball

  6. says

    Nice curl :O I’ve been looking for this but I don’t know where to buy it D: I don’t really want to resort to ebay because I don’t really trust it yet xD I have the Model Co. heated eyelash curler and that seriously doesn’t work for me at all because it’s not hot enough :(