Hook, Line, Sinker

Mmmm I have no power when it comes to QVC and their stupid special value sets. For £28 I ended up with this set which includes: Soft Lights in Radiant (10g) and Waterproof Shadow Liner in Smoke (3g), and new colours of Lip Enhancing Gloss in Couture (6ml) and Eye Shadow trio in Glow On (2.25g). There’s also Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (7.1ml), Camera Ready Concealer (2.3g) and Original Photo Finish Foundation Primer (15ml). Completing the set are three new brushes – Shadow Liner, Precision Concealer and Crease Tip.

I am not a fan of Smashbox – I haven’t as yet, tried anything from their range that takes my breath away.

So let’s see – the softlight blush a pink with highlighter looks fine – the taupey smoke waterproof shadow looks HOT! Is it really creaseproof? Time will tell but the colour is smokin’. Lipgloss is lipgloss, the trio looks borrrinnnggg, the under eye brightner is a pile of crap, the concealer I have never tried, the primer is spots in a tube – the brushes look great especially the crease tip.

So overall, I really want the smoke eyeshadow and the three brushes. The blusher looks fine as does the gloss. The conceler could be good. The primer and brighter I already know is a pile of crap.

Is it worth the £34 (inc shipping). Well if it isn’t I will pass it on to little Megan. God knows the little tyke needs some eye brightening!

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  1. Mable says

    Your weakness to makeup rivals my weakness for handbags and shoes! You are too cute! Some of my shoes/handbags like some of your makeup collection has never been touched. ^__^ Not that I don’t want to, I just never seem to get around to it.

    Oh yes oh yes. Around 2 weeks ago I finally caved in and went to get eyelash extensions done. I couldn’t get an appointment with this more expensive salon, so I went to a cheaper one. Boy, did I learn my lesson. I finally got an appointment with the more expensive place. Hope that one is better. Have you ever tried eyelash extensions before?

  2. yummy411 says

    LOL! wow! why won’t MAC take some tips and put together a package like that… unfortunately i’m underwhelmed by smashbox products…. good buy for the brushes though… love your description LOL!

  3. R says

    Mable, I ADORE bags. But everything I truly like is $1,000 plus :( Shoes for some reason I never got into I think its becaue I have big feet and nothing is comfortable apart from flats 😀

    Wowwwwwww I want eyelash extentions! I noticed a salon that does it for £70 and also a perm for £30. £100 for extentions and a perm sounds pretty good to me but somehow I am a bit scared…

  4. R says

    Yummmy! Yeah I hate smashbox generally but I love that cream shadow and the brushes. Everything else I can take or leave quite frankly! I wish Nars would do a package like that!