Homework for the day

You have been ordered to view this video and give it 5 stars:

Come on! I gave you all freebies didn’t I? (yes, that is bribery).

Had a weird dream last night – me and TOH (the other half – Mandypandy taught me this) we driving to the biggest shopping centre in the world, in Stoke On Trent, and we ended up having the car towed away whilst being screamed at by a Spanish woman. Analysis?

God some exciting haulies coming next week. My Nan is going to Hong Kong tomorrow – I would love to give her a shopping list for Lunasol and Cle De Peau, but she’d probably come back with a plastic bucket, some cuttlefish and a rice cooker.

Happy Sunday, beaytches! X

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  1. says

    I taught you how to create acronyms? Hooray! Next week, we’ll move on to portmanteaus.

    Freaky dream. Are you sure the woman was Spanish, and not Portuguese?

    Last night I dreamt about Tobias Menzies, but it was nothing racy; it was boring and tedious, much like Tobias Menzies.

    • Row says

      I know Portmanteaus, I want to learn about Isosceles Triangles instead.

      Actually I think she was Portuguese, I just couldn’t spell it at the time. :)