Homemade Beauty Lesson 1: How to make your own sugar lip scrub

This is the first is a number of posts about homemade beauty products. About 2 years ago, I became very interested in home made beauty products, and read every book I knew on the subject.

I want to teach you how to make your own goodies, and also offer all the different options out there (this is for your own use after all) so that there is always a substitute in place.

So in celebration of all things naturel and in light of the current financial climate, lets get in the kitchen and save some pennies!

There is also a video version of this tutorial, which you may like to watch if you want to see the actual process and if you like paws.

Sugar Lip Scrubs are very popular at the moment and some of them are pretty expensive considering the main ingredient is the rather inexpensive sugar. I would choose to make my own any day because it would probably end up costing no more then a few pounds.

My recipe is Cosmetic Candy’s Mango Sugar Lip Scrub! Yeah!

You will need:

1. Sugar.

You can use caster (which I am using) or granulated (rougher in texture) or brown (larger pieces, more exfoliating) not anything too soft which will melt.

sugar lip scrub.jpg

2. An Oil

You need a good oil to mix with the sugar that is a nice tasting one. Avoid kitchen oils (like Olive and Sunflower) stick to Sweet Almond, Jojoba or Castor Oil. I am using Sweet Almond:

sweet almond oil.jpg

3. A Butter

You don’t HAVE to use a butter – oil and sugar is enough but for the purpose of adding extra smoothness and moisture to the lips I would add a little butter as in: Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter – I am using Mango Butter:

mango butter.jpg

4. An Essential Oil or Flavouring

You can use an essential oil which is suitable for the lips for example, Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon, Lime OR buy a special flavour oil. I choose a Mango flavour oil:

mango flavour oil.jpg

So to recap I am using:

30 grams Sugar

35ml Sweet Almond Oil

15 grams Mango Butter

Mango Flavour Oil – 2-3 drops

Makes about 4 smaller tubs (about 50 grams of product)

Equipment you will need:

A bowl and spoon:

spoon and bowl.jpg

Put the sugar in the bowl and break up any lumps with your spoon. Then, add the oil, stirring until smooth:

sugar lip scrub-1.jpg

The texture should be quite thick – you don’t want too much oil sitting on top but we still need to add the Mango Butter:

sugar lip scrub-2.jpg

To melt butters and waxes you need to use a Bain Marie, which is basically some boiling water with a bowl on top so that the product can melt gently, without burning. You can do this with any sauceman and bowl, mine has an attachment:

bain marie.jpg

This Bain Marie is from Ikea, its about £4. Pour your boiling water in and get it on the hob.

bain marie-2.jpg

Put your mango butter in and keep stirring until it melts. Do not over heat butters as this can make them go grainy:

mango butter-1.jpg

Melted down it just looks like an oil (note this picture is not on a hob, but you need to use one so it melts quicker!). You can also microwave it, but this takes more guesswork:

sugar lip scrub-3.jpg

Pour the oil into the sugar – and it looks a bit watery now. If it looks too wet add more sugar so that the grains are visible, but remember the Mango butter will set once cold:

sugar lip scrub-4.jpg

Add a few drops of Mango Flavour oil (or any of your choice) – not too many it smells strong!:

mango flavouring.jpg

Check that the texture is quite thick and that it sits on the spoon ok, if not add some sugar:

sugar lip scrub-5.jpg

Now, use a small spoon and put into your chosen pot(s):

lip scrub.jpg

Finished Mango Scrubs. I could have melted down some yellow lipstick (yes, I have yellow lipstick) or put some lip safe dye in to make it look mangoey but I’d rather not add dye for the sake of it! Lovely scrubs and will keep pretty well for at least 6 months:

lip scrub-1.jpg

The texture:

scrub lip.jpg


As for supplies, the best places to look are Supermarkets, Pharmacies and Natural Food Shops (like Holland and Barretts) and on the net (www.eBay.com, www.akamuti.co.uk, www.akomaskincare.co.uk, www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk). It’s actually not expensive at all to buy Sweet Almond oil and a Butter

Remember to watch our video if you need more detailed instructions. Look out for the next Homemade Beauty Lesson, and let me know if you make this scrub!

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  1. Rinoa says

    Can you tell me how many cups or tablespoons, etc that is for the sweet almond oil? And possibly the mango butter? I’m not used to measuring things in ML and grams. lol, thanks ^^ Really looking forward to trying this!

    • Row says

      Hi Rinoa

      Well a tablespoon is about 15ml so thats about 2 and a half tablespoons of sweet almond oil (but you CAN add more if its too scrubby or less if its too oily).

      15grams is roughly 1 tablespoon (of mango butter)

      Remember you can mix ingredients around so they work for you! x

  2. krystin says

    hi, can you tell me where i can buy the mango butter or shea butter you mentioned?

    also, i love the paws!! i have 7 cats and i kiss their paws all the time! :)

  3. Ali says

    Thanks, I love it!! I recently brought a bubblegum scrub from Lush, but my home-made vanilla one is just as good, thanks to the video tutorial.