Home Bargains Beauty Bargains! Or How to get loads of stuff for £5!

After Selfridges, Home Bargains is my favourite shop in the world!  Not as scummy as pound land (or pound world), with proper brands (not just weird knock offs), you can find a bit of everything you want and need under one store, and plenty of things are under £1! A new one opened near me recently and it’s absolutely massive, AND very very spacious and spotless. I’ve never seen a thing out of place in this particular store (some smaller stores can be a little rough around the edges though, I admit!). 

I can find all kinds of things here, groceries, hair products, food, snacks, toys (all branded stuff), medicines for much less.  Last time I went I ended up picking up lots of beauty bits and bobs – not stuff I necessarily need right now but stuff I will put away for the future. Here is what I got:

Home bargains bargains

1. QVS (This brand WAS sold in Superdrug and was always priced around the £4-£8 range) Comb set – I have started cutting H’s hair at home so this set is very useful for this! These combs are thick and good quality. Cost: 99p.

2. QVS Mini Manicure Kit. Couldn’t resist plus I ALWAYS carry a nail clipper around with me. This has a plastic cuticle trimmer, nail cleaner/file, nail clipper and mini emery board. Cost = 99p

3. QVC Blusher Brush. I have a thing for retractable brushes and I do my make up on the move a lot! Cost = 99p

4. Mountain Dew Lip Balm. A bit of fun really, there were also Pepsi ones. I still need to do the Mountain dew and Mentos trick. Cost = 49p.

5. Goody Cutting Scissors.  Once again for cutting H’s hair. I have some amazing ones from Japonesque but they are SO sharp that it scares me sometimes, that I will accidentally cut H. These are sharp but also blunter around the ends in case of sudden movements! Cost = 59p

6. Goody Ouchless Cutling Step 2 Round Brush. I am a HUGE fan of the Goody Ouchless range – this one is clever because you can press a button at the top and the bristles retract incase of knotting.  Cost = 59p

Total Spent =  £4.64 !!!!

There were lots of other Goody and QVS items available in store too. 

Are you a Home Bargains fan?

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