Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Canola Review & A Sleeping Cat

Holika Holika, one of my current hot brands from Korea has newish range of Sleeping Masks (what is a sleeping mask?) based on the power of Honey, honey.

Sleeping packs are worn throughout the night as you sleep and the idea is that you can wake up in the morning and look like you’re 10 years younger…or there abouts. Kitty is demonstrating how to sleep:

Honey Sleeping Pack Hollika Holika Canola

Holika Holika’s Honey Sleeping Pack comes in 3 variations’ Canola, Blueberry and Acerola.  Each contains 40% honey to hydrate and care for the skin – honey has antibacterial properties too and is known to be ‘healing’.  I chose Canola because I liked the yellow colour (the other 2 are more reddish) and I like Granola.

The other two masks contain 20% Acerola Extract or 20% Blueberry Extract.  The Canola version contains Acerola also and Canola Honey…which makes it almost the same as the Acerola version! Hmmm.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this product, and also bearing in mind the high honey content was HOW STICKY IS THIS?!  I could imagine waking up in the morning with my face covered in cat hair and the pillow permanently stuck to my hair.

Now this is pretty thick stuff – it’s a very rich gel and of course, it feels nothing like real honey but nevertheless there is a stickiness to it.  It sinks in but it’s still a it sticky.

How cute is the pot? Reminds me of Pooh Bear.

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack Canola

To be honest I do love a bit of honey, Manuka honey especially but I need to hide it from the brutes around me who slather it on toast.

I’ve also been told to slap some Manuka on my spots and to use it for a lip mask – and it does work really well. And of course I love my honey and lemon drinks, even when I don’t have a cough or cold (which is never).

So what do I make of this sleeping mask?

Let’s do a pros and cons!


1. It smells great, like real honey. Therefore if you don’t like the smell of honey you won’t like this.

2. It is super hydrating, leaves the skin looking plump the next day.

3. I had no reactions to this despite having sensitive skin.

4. It’ll last a while as you only need a tiny amount.

5. I think it calmed down areas of redness on my face.

6. It is well priced – better if you can get it yourself but on eBay it comes in at around £14 inc. shipping but that’s what you get for not being Korean.


1. It is still a bit sticky.

2. It’s not easy to get hold off if you hate eBay.

3. It’s not a miracle product.


All in all, I like this sleeping mask, I think it suited my sensitive and dry skin, not sure if it would be too rich for a oiler, troubled skin type though.

It’s also for me, an easier thing to use than real honey which is so sticky, thick and hard to wash off. If you don’t want to sleep in it, I’d totally recommend it as a 15 minute mask too.

*I bought this from eBay.


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  1. Jen says

    Ahhh kitty is so cute! I would HATE the scent of this product as I hate anything honey-scented, which is unfortunate as it looks like quite a good product, and I love the cute honey pot jar :) Funny thing is, I actually quite like the taste and smell of honey, it just honey-scented products always give me headaches!

  2. says

    I want to try this and review it on my blog too but I am scared because I have oily skin, lol. I do have redness sometimes though and my face can get dried from acne treatments.