Holika Holika Enamel Magic Melomovie Gel Eyeliner in Pink & Purple Review

I’ve tried a few things from the extremely cute Holika Holika brand, and I’ve found their skincare is stronger than their cosmetics.

Nevertheless I tried their cute Melomovie Gel Eyeliners because I love gel liners and there were 2 unusual colours I don’t already own (purple and hot pink).

Packaging – (quite inconsistent with Holika Holika, some items are witchy, some are retro):


The jars are cute, with the gel liners in a tub and the applicator brush attached to it. It is adorable but impractical to carry round as it takes up so much room (but then again you’ll always need a brush to apply gel liner!):#alttext#

The tubs of gel liner are quite deep and generously sized.

In terms of texture – this is soft but not as buttery as Maybelline but closer to the Etude House liners (that also come in bright shades).

Thus the texture is a little waxy – it takes a moment to dry and sets but it will run if you get your face wet or have watery eyes like me.

Also you may need 2 layers if you want a truly opaque finish.


Swatches – I found these two shades looked nice work together:



I wouldn’t bother with this gel liner for basic shades like black and brown since there are better, cheaper liners but for something bright and fun, it’s well worth a punt!

I paid £9 each for these on eBay.

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