Holidays are coming!….

….and it can’t come quickly enough, that’s all I can say.

Do you like the blogs festive look?

christmas cat.jpg

Posting will resume to normal very shortly. Keep a look out for out special giveaways popping up through the week – some really lovely palettes and goodies I have as prizes.

If you are coming over for the Blog Sale on Thursday 3rd Dec (7.30pm) please take a look at the preview list!

I have now updated it with a bit more info and some prices :)

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  1. says

    I love the festive feel to the site: really well done! I noticed it the first time the blog was on, but I must admit it’s only yesterday which I noticed the snow on the letters.
    What programme did candyman use to do this?
    I’ll try not to look at it too much cos it makes me crave mince pies: I love mince pies. Can’t wait to see the blog tonight. Very nervous!