Holiday Bargains! Korres from Greece

For my honeymoon I went to Greece where I found SEPHORA! Hello!

Aside from that, as I was really hot and uncomfortable the whole time I did end up doing more shopping than necessary.  Over in Greece they have lots of Apivita and Korres around even in regular mini pharmacies (which I frequented for bite sprays!).  

I picked these up from the Airport – it was buy one get one free and just 5 euros a pack – so for a total of around £8 I ended up with 4 bottles of Korres body wash!

Korres Vanilla Cinnamon

These cost about £7.50 each in the UK so it was a good bargain!  I chose Vanilla Cinnamon (yum) and Jasmine – both are really gorgeous, the scents are not overpowering and they feel good on the skin.

In the slightly bigger pharmacies I kept seeing bargain bucket type things with Korres goody bags – these had a mixture of products in them and were about 40% less than retail price. I chose two:

Korres Coral Lovers Khaki Lovers

There was also a red lip kit and a bronzed one.  

These were around 16 euros each – in the Coral lovers is a lipstick, polish, eye pencil and mini fragrance. In the Khaki lovers is an eyeshadow, lip gloss, black eye pencil and mini perfume. I checked the stand nearby to see if these were current colours (they are) and asked if they were close to expiry (apparently not and they’d have at least 1-2 years on them once opened).  

Who knew Greece had such beauty treasures!

What kind of goodies do you pick up on holiday?

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