Hissyfit Handy Work Hand Cream Anti Aging Sunscreen Review

You know what gives someones age away even when their faces are pulled tight? Their hands, their neck and their inability to stop acting like they know better ALL THE TIME.

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Handy work by Hissyfit is a SPF 30 hand cream in a rather nice Orange Mint scent. Its also hydrating and has anti ageing properties.

Whilst the skin on my hands are lovely and smooth now, I know I will have to start using a high spf cream on them – if I want them to stay that way.

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I don’t even use hand cream normally, and if I do they all get snatched by Mr Candy because he has horribly dry sore hands. So even when I have had a nice hand cream to try it always gets nicked by him in the end…But not this one. Oh no.

hissyfit handy work hand cream orange mint spf.jpg

I’ve seen him there, in the midst, eyeing up my post, asking “Is that a…..moisturizer?”

I’ve seen him rummaging through my products cupboard, I’ve seen him, using my Elemis Day Moisture cream ON HIS HANDS and once, some Creme De La Mer on a dry patch on his foot.

This one he is not taking.

Because this is a really nice hand cream and the SPF element to it is something that really appeals to me. My hands get it hard and of course they are always exposed to the sun.

hissy fit handy work hand cream sunscreen spf.jpg

It smells nice (of oranges), it goes on a little white (see above) but sinks in quickly leaving no residue or ashiness. Its not a *light* hand cream, if thats what you want but it sinks in well enough so that’s good enough for me.

And besides, who wants Madge-tastic hands?

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You can buy this from Feel Unique (best price I could see at £16.15) and various other online retailers.

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