Highlight / Contour! Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02 Review!

When it comes to contouring, I am pretty lazy (and incapable) of doing any chiselled looks – but I still like a bit of bronzing and highlighting to add some shape to the face.  Obviously it’s not something I do every day but every now and then it’s nice to do a proper full face of make up!

Whilst I have lots of powder contours, I do prefer cream textures. I have a Tom Ford contour palette which is amazing but is also a bit tricky to use in a rush. I purchased these Esprique Light Control Sticks a while ago as they looked a like super easy to use way to contour and highlight the face:Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02

Esprique is a Japanese brand from Kose, which used to be known as Esprique Precious.  Their base products come in white packaging and the colour products come in black.

The Esprique ranges varies; I think their eyeshadow is just ok, but I adore their lip gloss.

So here are the shade control sticks; a bit hard to tell apart!

Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02 1

The Shade Control Stick is a nice neutral flat brown bronze. There is no shimmer in it at all, which is great, and it’s not orangey or red either. The colours is pretty good; I wondered if it would be too light for me because I am quite olive sometimes but it works really well – it just looks natural.

The Light Control Stick is a white with pink pearl highlighter. It is less shimmery than Nars Multiple in Copacobana and has more of a pinkish edge to it. It’s more sheer too making it a more natural choice.

Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02 2

Swatches:Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02 3

I have been using these when I have the time to do a ‘proper’ face of make up and I really like them! I do find these cream stick product super easy to use, for the fact that I can just apply easily without getting my fingers mucky, and I can just swipe on and blend.  The colours are pretty decent too and look fine on my medium olive skin tone.

On the downside these aren’t cheap – about £20 a stick.  They will last a long while though, but still.


Good for light to medium skin tones (any darker I don’t think these would show up too well) and a good choice for people who prefer cream contour products over powder.

*purchased from eBay

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  1. Oh I’m liking the look of the contour stick. Thanks for the review!

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