High Pigment Gloss! The Face Shop FACE it Extreme Rouge Gloss in PK101, BR801, PP401 Swatches and Review

I love high intensity, pigmented lip glosses, although they can be quite unforgiving on unhealthy lips and can smudge easily.

Korean Brand, The Face Shop is a brand I am currently testing out and I spotted their Extreme Rouge Glosses on eBay.  These vivid lip glosses are highly pigmented, contain Argan oil and adds volume to the lips.  They should also last around 6 hours!

I bought 3 colours, PK101 – a bright pink, BR801, a nude beige and PP401, a pigmented deep plum:

The Face Shop Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss Lip Gloss

I think applying pigmented gloss without a mirror makes me nervous!


Here are the lip glosses – they are shorter and chubbier than normal lip glosses.  They’re pretty standard other than that, not particularly gorgeous or ugly:

Face It Extreme Lip Gloss

The applicator is a sponge doe foot type with a nice flat edge for application.  It’s quite a nice one:

The Face Shop Face It Extreme Rouge Lip Gloss

You can see from these swatches that these lip glosses are highly pigmented and rich.  The texture is quite thick, and the finish is quite high gloss.  WIthout a doubt you don’t need a lip base or lipstick to enhance the colour, it is very rich on its own.


Fact It Extreme Rouge Gloss

BR801 is a really nude orange-beige. It’s very close to my natural lip colour.

PK101 is a bright pink but PKK102 is an even brighter hot pink. I got for hot pinks a lot so I decided to go for something a bit softer! PK101 is a candy bright pink.

PP401 is a very deep red-wine shade. It’s not anything I would normally wear but since it’s nearly Christmas…

It’s been a while but here are some lip swatches!

The Face Shop Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss PK101 Pink

PK101 is a blue based pink. I noticed with all of these that they will settle into creases so when your lips aren’t healthy (like mine aren’t at the moment) it’s not a nice effect!

Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss Lipstick

BR801 is a nice change from the normal nudes as there is orange in there.  Avoid if you hate oranges but I love them!

Face It Extreme Rouge Lip Gloss

BR801 is a super vampy wine shade! Boy do you have to be careful applying this!  I would wear this for a refined evening vampy look but I wouldn’t touch it for anything else.  There’s a lot of pigment in this.


The Face SHop Extreme lip gloss

You know I accumulate lip products very quickly so I do like these a lot despite the competition they face, HOWEVER because they are so intense I find it hard to apply willy-nilly.  And I tend to apply my lip gloss on the run, ie. running to work, and after having soup for lunch!

But if you are looking for a high pigment lip gloss you will definitely like these.  I bought them from eBay for about £8 each including shipping.

What do you think of super pigmented lip glosses?

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  1. Jen says

    I love the nudey-orange one on you, just the right amount of orange. And £8 incl postage is a pretty decent price to pay for gloss with good coverage like this :)