Hide those Pores! B&C Labs Clear Last Base Make Primer SPF25 Review

B&C Labs Clear Last Range focuses on primers and powders – I’ve tried a few of their products in the past with varied results – but generally it’s good.  Their High Coverage powder is one of my favourites.

The Clear Last Base Make Primer ‘Poreless Concealer’ SPF25 – I think this is more for spot application over areas of concern rather than an all over primer.

Clear Last Base Make Primer SPF 25

This product has the bonus of SPF25 too!

Clear Last now has some other base products like a moist and mat finish primer as well as a mousse one.

The tube – there’s nothing special about the packaging but it doesn’t seem to matter for a base product?

Clear Last Base Make Primer Poreless Concealer


The cream is very thick, very white and takes some work to blend into the skin.

I mean this is so heavy I felt unsure of applying it to too many areas, and every day – I wonder how much this would clog up your pores. On the plus side though it does feel like a thick cream, rather than pure silicone:

Clear Last Poreless Concealer base Make

This is a good pore concealer.

I’ve tried quite a few and this one does do a good job of masking pores en masse. But I just really dislike how heavy it feels.  Also the fact it leaves a slight white residue – it will be covered once you apply foundation or powder but what if you don’t want to?

Mr C kindly exposed some pores for me :) I haven’t suddenly decided to grow a beard.

Clear Last Primer Poreless concealer
If you want some serious pore cover, this will do well but note it is heavy to use and feels quite rich. Quite a big no no for oily and congested skins methinks.
I bought this from adambeauty.com
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  1. liloo says

    holy crap! i am going to need some of that. aaaaaaaa i dont know what to do though. you had another pore thing on your blog. which one to use. thank you thank you thank you Mr C xx