Hidden Gem: Integrate Shiseido Long and Volume Mascaras

I have a box, called the BNIBB. The Brand New In Box Box. It’s where I keep all my new packaged goods that I haven’t had the chance to use or been able to bring myself to use yet like…

Limited edition Majolica Majorca Mascaras….

The whole MAC barbie collection……

The Disney Paul & Joe range……

The Goache De Chanel kit I must have bought a decade ago…..

Having a rummage I found two new mascaras I’ve never touched – Shiseido Integrate Long and Volume mascaras. I’ve been using my new Chanel Exceptionnel every day – a gorgeous mascara that’s easy to remove, which is a big reason why I am using it, but nothing for curl.

Integrate is a brand I wanted to love but there’s nothing spectacular about it. I like the Diamond Rouge’s but that’s about it.

The brushes for long and volume are different – straight for long, curved for volume. I found the curved one easier to use – it fit into the eye better.

Just one coat of the Long mascara gave me longer, fluttery lashes – super fluttery and guess what? It held curl! I loveeeddd this.

Volume also gave a good long lash, although it was thicker in texture, so it gave a stronger look, especially around the base of the lash:

To compare:

Please excuse my googly eyes – not long after these pictures were taken I was taken to A & E!

One coat of each:

A tiny bit clumpy together but I didn’t comb it – it stays soft so I reckon a good comb would sort this out.

I am in love again with a mascara. It was fairly easy to use too. At the moment my top mascaras (considering that holding and enhancing curl is the biggest consideration for my type of lashes are):

1) SANA BIG CURL MASCARA – amazing, truly but a complete and utter nightmare to remove

2) SHISEIDO LIFTING MASCARA – lovely stuff but less impact than SANA and still as hard to get off

3) TIFFA LONG – this works well with the TIFFA base and hold curl. However I found TIFFA volume doesn’t hold curl very well and you can’t layer them because they will flop.

I’m not kidding, I have about 30 mascaras and these are the three that actively hold curl – even Shu Uemura, Majolica, Aube, MAQUillage make my lashes flop a bit.

Then there’s integrate! How does it rate in comparison to these? very well indeed.

No, it doesn’t come in glam packaging, but it really works. The length side really does add fluttery long lashes with no sign of flopping. The volume mascara (they are SEPARATE mascaras) gives a thicker look – most people would probably prefer this one. Together they really give some faux lash type impact! Even when layered, the curl stays. I love it!!! It is also fine to remove which makes it a bonus.

*oh my god. I’ve just seen that there is a ‘separate’ mascara. You KNOW I need this.

Cost is £8/$99HK from Adambeauty. I really really like it, and you know I don’t like most things….

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  1. ms. B says

    I share the same sentiment you do towards Integrate. Having said that, the mascara looks promising 😀 Though I think I will still stick to my Fairy Drops for the packaging edge 😛 Seriously though, if you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s my HG mascara: hold curls, no clumps with repeated application, doesn’t smudge, thicken and lengthen, and cute pink-blue package 😉

  2. Row says

    Hey Miss B!

    I like Fairy Drops and its so cute! I find it heavier than the Integrate which is light textured…I like Aube more than Fairy Drops but I like Fairy Drops more than Majolica Majorca. Tis a complecated life with macaras!