HG HG HG HG HG Mascara Alert! Acseine Mascara

As I resident Mascara Addict who hates applying mascara (it takes so much time) I have a ton of mascaras (which I will get round to reviewing every one eventually….).

Anyway I can’t resist a bargain so as well as buying Intergrate Mascara, T’estimo Attractappeal (soon to be discountinued- the brand that is) and Aube double ended mascara, I picked up Acseine Gentle Mascara PV. I have no idea why it is called a gentle mascara, and I have no idea what the PV stands for because I can’t read the packaging or the website -_- what a docile blogger I am.

However! Look past the horrible bland packaging and there is a real gem:

I had to apply this in the car (not me driving of course) and I loved the brush – it is very small and straight, good for separating and getting into corners. It was a very clean brushes – some brushes are so big a bristly there is a ton of product on it, or it is covered in fibres.

Yet there must be fibres in this because with one coat it lengthened my lashes in a flash.

I also found it to be water resistant – it didn’t run or flake. And most importantly (for me)…it 100% held curl. It is light and didn’t weigh my lashes at all. The downside? It left lashes feeling a bit dry, but this is normal with water resistant/proof mascara.

I mentioned before I love Sana Mascara because it hold curl but it is a buggery to get off. This mascara is similar to Kanebo 39 Degrees Mascara and Kiss Me in that it comes off with some warm water.

I’ll soon do more reviews and compile it all into a mascara database but untill then – I think I have a brand new love!

You can buy it here.

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