Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review

Heroine Make is a classic Japanese mascara; the range itself is known for it’s excellent eyeliners and their Impact Frame mascara is excellent. However, the other mascara’s in their range is the Volume and Curl and Long and Curl range which is very popular. 

In the new packaging (the old one was a dark burgundy with gold lettering):

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review

I chose Volume and Curl to try – I was getting fed up of using mascara that didn’t hold curl.  

This mascara promises a few things;

Volume, Curly Lashes and Durability, 

Here is the brush, which is different to the previous incarnation of this mascara – this is sort of diamond shaped with hard short bristles.  I find the brush just ok to use; I like that the bristles are short as it works well for short lashes, but the shape didn’t make application any easier and I had to work quite hard to get the product on evenly without clumping as it tends to gather, especially around the tip.

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review 1

I found the durability of this mascara excellent, as always with Heroine Make but it is a real pain in the backside to remove. It comes with a make up remover in some sets and the Heroine Make eye make up remover is excellent too.  

Volume wise, it was just average, and the Impact Frame mascara is far superior for that. 

It does hold curl, however, not extraordinarily well.  It kept my lashes quite curled but I didn’t feel like it gave them as much oomph as it could’ve.  

As this mascara dries quite hard (perhaps why it holds curl so well) it can feel a bit crunchy and uncomfortable on the lashes, especially it you apply it too close to the root.

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review 2

From another view:

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review 3


Whilst this is a decent mascara it is not as amazing as I had hoped a Heroine Mascara would be. Everything was just ok – my lashes look enhanced but nothing spectacular. If you have short straight Asian lashes but want quite a natural finish, this is a good choice but I think there are better curl holding mascaras than this. 

I purchased this for £10 and it came with a free mascara remover!

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  1. Jenn A. says

    I was confused between Impact Frame mascara and Volume and Curl Mascara, but after reading this post I will go with Impact frame. Thanks a lot for this post :)