Help Me Pick! Which Colour Bag?!

Totally self indulgent, but I need your advice!

Which bag colour do you prefer? Black or Brown? I need to purchase soon, and I would usually go for brown but my heart sort of likes black…


or Brown?


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  1. Jen says

    I usually always go for brown with bags given the choice, but in this instance I would have to say the black…it just looks so classic in that material and the shape. I would say the brown is a bit more..casual? I usually don’t like black bags because sometimes the material can look a bit “cheap”, but this one looks lovely!

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Little, chic, elegant purse: black.
    Big, confortable everyday bag: brown.

  3. says

    I pick bag colors like I pick makeup; what looks good on me? Brown bags don’t look good on me, for whatever reason, so I almost always go with black (there are exceptions to every rule, of course). I would say whatever you think you look best with, and what you think looks good (these are often the same thing).

    Personally, even though I would get black based on my rules, I think the brown looks a little better with that style.

  4. says

    black: more versatile!! best way is to think of what you have in your wardrobe and count how many outfits you can wear with it 😀

  5. stefania says

    hi, I love black bags, because are more wearable
    but I prefer this kind of bag in brown_ so go brown!!!
    have a good shopping!!!