Help me pick a hair colour!

It’s that time again where I’ve decided I am bored of my hair colour and want to do something different with it!

I am torn between 3 different hues of hair this time! I’ve experimented with all 3 in the past but I can’t decide what would be best for Spring.

My choices:

1. Reddish Brown

I don’t really go for red anymore, in fact I love cool toned hair and spend a lot of time fighting the natural red in my hair. However – I am sure those tones are there for a reason. I quite fancied the look of this:


The downside is red is hard to get out of the hair.

2. Dark Chocolate Brown:

I quite like dark hair on me these days as long as it’s shiny – although dark hair fades so fast! It gives more of an elegant look.

Did I tell you how much I love Sofia?


3. Highlights and a light sandy brown:

This is not a million miles away from the hair I tend to have in the summer but I have to watch that it doesn’t go brassy otherwise it washes me out. It looks a bit more summery, and makes me look younger and tanned!


1, 2 or 3?! Halp!

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  1. says

    Since it’s spring, I’d go with #3. But it is still a bit chilly and the days are still short, so perhaps Sofia’s chocolatey brown works too.

    Btw, I actually met Sofia once at my store. I’m ringing her up and she was a major biatch. Was on her phone the entire time, no hello, no response of any kind to any of my usual questions (how are you? did you find everything?? etc), and had the shittiest face ever! Even my coworkers came up to me later and commented on how bitchy she is. It just sucks because I’m such a huge fan of her character and the show! I really wanted to say “Dammit bitch, just because you’re hot and successful doesn’t mean you can be rude! Besides, you have terrible skin! I can’t imagine how you would look without makeup on!”


  2. says

    I like the first color, with good hairdresser or quality products, the red untertones should not be a problem. But if you cant decide, go with no. 3, and if you dont like the result, it is easier to go from light to dark than otherwise.

  3. JenT says

    I’m kinda between #1 and #2 for you…but I think #1 will be a fresher look for Spring, and as you say, you don’t really do red anymore, so it’ll be a nice change for Spring :)

  4. Abi says

    i’d say #2, it’s too cold to go too “springey” just yet 😉
    good luck either way though :)

  5. Malfire says

    I like the 1st and 3rd! Who’s Sophia she’s all boobs! She has a lovely color too but won’t very dark hair make ones features less sweet? Unless yer going for the very mature look :). Whatever ye choose it’ll look fab! If yer bored of yer current haircolor every new change is YaH! (at least to me XD hehe)

  6. Rachael W says

    2 or 3… both are pretty but I always prefer highlights to get some depth and dimension in my hair.

  7. Shari says

    I say 1 or 3. Number two is so … normal. And besides, red fades fast. So if you don’t like it, it shouldn’t be too hard to dye over it a little later.