Help me choose! Which Fresh Light Blythe Bubble Hair Dye should I choose?!

I’ve got roots baby, roots, and it’s time for a spring hair colour touch up!

Fresh Light is a brand that make the Blythe Doll hair dyes (they do normal cream dyes and now the bubble/foam type). They smell of apple and I think they work so well for naturally dark Asian hair, better than Clairol or John Frieda’s attempts (although they may suit Western hair better).

I purchased both of the following dyes but which one do you think I should go for first?

1. Maple Brown:


My hair will end up more like the middle shade. I think this is really nice although it is a bit red-based (which I don’t usually like but I don’t mind it here).

Or…2. Caramel Brown:


A light honey brown shade. I’ll probably end up with the middle hue.

In each pack you get the 2 parts to the dye, treatments, the pump, thick gloves and instruction manual. These dyes have the hole in the back so you can stick your pump in – less chance of knocking it over!

Let me know which hair colour you prefer!

Maple Brown or Caramel Brown!

See the line up here!

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  1. Andrea says

    I do prefer for u the middle one looks refreshing in your skin tone without being harsh in my opinion

  2. Shari says

    If you want a larger change, I say go with the caramel. Less of a change – and less work in the future – go with maple. I think they’ll both look nice.

  3. Alexa says

    I am not sure about this blythe hair color. I bought one, the sugary ash color. I tried it, My hair was black at the beginning , instead of turn to whatever color my hair should turn to after this coloring, now my hair is orangish red. And I tried on my grandad lol his hair is of course white >< yeah… it turns a tad blonde. Strange…..