Help Ladies!

I’ve been saying for a long time I will finally organise the haul hopefully, it will be a useful swatch for people.  I’m torn between photographing everything separately or in groups? ie. all Nars blushers together.  Or would you prefer everything separate?

Once I get started I’ll try and do everything in one go (yes, theres THAT much to go through!).

Let me know how you’d like to see it!

Also – I’ve had a few comments recently for some very old posts.  I appreciate all comments, even all the vehement abuse if you don’t get an answer to a question it might be because I can’t find it! Feel free to comment at the most recent post even if its not relevant so I can answer any questions!

I’m watching the Paraolympics opening.  The guy had to climb up a ridiculously long rope in his wheelchair to reach the cauldron just gave me goosepimples.

Woo Hoo! More Olympics, more!

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