Help Endagered Animals: Etude House Missing You Hand Cream Set review

Etude House is a Korean brand with so much variety in skincare and cosmetics it’s quite mind boggling. They have tons of ranges I’m sure, I’ve not even found out about yet. A brand like Etude House will have lots of little sub ranges in it…which is exciting for a beauty buff!

The Missing U line may sound like and oddly named set but in fact it’s inspired by 4 endangered animals (Seal, Dolphin, Panda, Penguin). The range brings awareness to this (I’m afraid I’m not sure if a portion of profits is donated) and it comes in recycled cardboard too (in my case an egg carton!).


The whole egg carton packaging thing is so in, in Korea!Each animal has it’s own smell as documented on the front of each egg shaped pot.

The Seal is green tea, the Penguin is Baby Powder, the Dolphin is floral and the Panda is peaches.


Each container has a reasonable amount of hand cream – it would last new a few weeks, it would last Mr C about 2 days. It’s a light gel texture which sinks in quickly and smells quite nice albeit strong.

I’m not sure I like sticking my fingers into the container every single time I want to get some cream out but it’d be used up quite quickly so then again…it’s not a bad thing. It means I can use the container for other things sooner!


My hands feel good though and I’m happy to have these. I bought the entire set for just £11! I’d recommend this for anyone who wants a dose of cute and some nice smelling light gel.

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  1. Jen says

    Oh my days..I can’t believe how adorably cute these hand creams are, I would buy them just for the packaging alone!! In a way they kinda remind me of the B & C handcreams :) but even more “kawaii” lol

  2. Erin Mayes says

    I tend to have very dry hands and most products don’t last that long. I picked up a bottle of the Holistic Honey Lotion from Made from Earth. This is the best hand lotion I have ever found. Made From Earth’s Honey Lotion keeps my hands feeling soft & silky.

    I love the smell & the fact that it is made in the USA. It makes me feel great about supporting an AMERICAN company. I plan to be a repeat customer for a very long time….Made from Earth makes other products too-haven’t tried them yet, but I’m sure they are just as wonderful as the lotion.