Help: Blog Layout Revamp, your input please!

I have been meaning to change the layout of this blog for a while, clean it up and simplify etc. but I barely have any time to brush my hair, never mind take care of the big matters at hand!

But here we are….

Rough plans have been drawn up, tests have been done and now, the now opinion of the people who really matter (you guys)!

I’d love to hear feedback and what you WOULD like to see on Cosmetic Candy in terms of FEATURES and LAYOUT, ideally without expletives.

cat dance.jpg


I’d like a searchable gallery where I can look up lip swatches


I’d like an easier way to look through the archives


I’ve noticed when I click on XXX it doesn’t work properly


It takes me too long to scroll down to the next post


The way that XXX and XXX run doesn’t make sense to me


It would be better if you had a New Posts/Features/Search/Subscribe button at the top

RE: Ads. With the blog layout change, hopefully the ads on the site will be better integrated and cleaner so less of a distraction for you. However they are staying – they help out with things like my hosting bill so I hope you understand.

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback!

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  1. liloo says

    I am super happy with the search system and i always can find my way round your website.
    1. tags
    However, even if your website includes a tags system, the ‘tags’ cloud, i much prefer a traditional way to look at tags, you know like a long list, when i can see for example all the brands you’ve been writing about and stuff.
    2. the ‘about’ section
    In the about section, I’d love to know about the history of this blog, just a little paragraph of how it came about, when it changed its name from ‘i forgot what it was called’ to ‘cosmetic candy
    3. gadgets: I would love a ‘social’ button which allows me to tweet your post direct from your blog
    4. blogsale: I’ve only just noticed today your ‘blog sale’ button and I feel it’s not showing enough
    5. general layout: i love ‘thislittleladywenttolondon’ blog layout, love the random thing she has, which showcase some previous posts, so cool. invites me to click on posts i would not have thought of before, cos the pictures are pretty.

    all this seems to be a bit negative but fear not, if I was going to write all the things I love about your blog, and why i come to have a look at it and comment on it 4 times a day, I would crash your blog with the amount of stuff i would be writing. In short, on top of being extremely useful in the beauty blogging community, you are just lovely to read.

  2. Alexandria says

    I honestly thought and thought, and was ready to gripe, but I have nothing. I think the site is well done.

  3. says

    I have a feeling that you’ve already addressed this in the new layout, but I would like it if the top banner/navigation section were smaller.
    I always have to scroll down quite a bit before I get to the actual post.
    Still, I understand the need for ads, etc., and I haven’t mentioned it before because it’s a small price to pay to read your entertaining posts.

  4. says

    I love your site, but for me the twitter/fb/faq links are onto of the text on the page, like it’s fallen down and I can’t read the top text.
    I would also love to see a different layout, something pretty!

  5. says

    i don’t mind ads on the side but i think the ads on top are distracting from your other buttons on there. I never use them even though I know they’re there.
    that being said, kudos to Mr C for doing a great job so far on the site! :)