Hello Monday & Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Nude Milky Lipstick Review (Pure Pink, Vanilla Pink, Sweet Pink and Cinnamon Pink)

Good Morning Ladies!  It’s a Monday! I am away for the rest of the week (yay!) but I will have a blog sale preview list for you tomorrow (trust me it’s been hard work) and hopefully posts scheduled for the rest of the week. Bear with me!

So, I have these four super nude semi matte lipsticks from Kiss Me’s Heavy Rotation range to quickly review.

I’ve had these for a few months and it’s taken me this long to review them.  Here they are in their nude glory:

Kiss Me Heavy Roation Milky Nude Lipsticks

I love nude lipstick even though it looks quite deathly when done wrong. Which is quite often. Or when it’s lighter than the colour of your face? Risky.

You’d think that Heavy Rotation + Semi Matte + Nude Lipstick would be my dream combo, right!?!?!?! Well…

Hmm.  I ordered all 4 of these lippies because I thought they’d have some variation in colour.

Left to right: Pure Pink (a dead rose shade) Vanilla Pink (warm beige) Sweet Pink (dead nude rose) and Cinnamon Pink (light brown).

Heavy Rotation Milky Lipstick Kiss me

Gawd they are so damn similar.  Yes you will see in the swatches that there is some variation but once they are on the lips they are very very samey.

On my lips, which are very pigmented (rosy colour) they hardly show up, other than looking like I put foundation on my lips and forgot about it.  So much so that all the lip swatches I did were a fail and it was pointless showing you how it looked on me because they were similar.

Also being semi matte, that’s great, but also unforgiving if you are having a dry lips moment which I am.  It’s not that it isn’t creamy, it just lacks that ‘glide’.

Kiss Me heavy roration Lipstick Milky Pure Pink Vanilla Sweet Cinnamon 1

Of all the colours I like Cinnamon and Sweet pink, but that’s like in a really loose term.  I don’t know I only tried these once and got very frustrated with them.  These are for those with less pigmented lips that me, and also have them in good condition.  These will be in mah blogsale! Yes, mah blogsale!

I paid about £9 each for these with shipping.  I won’t be ordering all 4 colours of nude lip products again!

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  1. says

    Guess these aren’t going to work for me either. I like the idea of matte lipsticks, but they seem difficult to wear!

  2. says

    I like nude lipsticks as well, and those colors looked so awesome in the tube! Shame it didn’t work out.. I stick to lip balm and gloss because I’ve never been able to get the right lipstick shade for my complexion. Ever. Heh.

    Have a great west of the week off! :)