Hebridean Soap!

“Where did you get that from?”

“Oh, the outer Hebrides”

But this time I’m not messing. I got some soaps from the Hebridean Soap Company – I have been looking for better ways to cleanse my delicate skin, which has been flaring up my crazy recently.

I don’t use commercial soaps as I find them very drying on my sensitive skin, but I find that even soaps from Lush make my skin feel quite tight after washing, even though they are pretty.

Says the Hebridean:

1. Coconut Oil to give it a rich, luxurious, moisturising lather.
2. Pure Essential Oils for their glorious scents.
3. A range of natural and approved pigments for colour.
4. And ‘Angels Tears’ – the wonderfully soft (and abundant!) Lewis rainwater, that falls softly over the hills.
5. The Peppermint and Comfrey herbs I use come from my own garden.

Here’s my haul:


Liquid Orange Blossom Soap:




They all smell good but I tested one out today in the shower. I don’t as a general rule, use soaps in the shower because it dries out so easily – but I used The Soft Touch bar anyway, which smells of freesias. This bar is supposed to be extra moisturizing and rich.


It was brilliant. I really don’t use soaps on my body but this felt very creamy as the water hit it, and melted but not in an annoying, chunks-are-falling off kind of way. It felt silky on the skin but you really can’t tell untill you have rinsed and dried off. And my skin still feels very soft and lovely, even without any lotion. Am impressed! I am guessing this is going to last me forever too as its quite a hefty bar.

I think I will try Rhubarb next!

You can peruse the range here. Bars cost £2.95 each and yes, it really does come from the outer hebrides.

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  1. says

    Ooh Row, they look lush! If only I hadn’t just splashed a load on hair & shower products – these would be mine! Definitely a bookmark to lookie at in the future x x x

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      If you get anything try the Velvet Antleers one and The Soft Touch, is sooooo nice :)