Health Supplements and Teas from NU3 Review!

I am a big fan of new herbal finds such as teas and supplements that are easy to take and taste nice!  

I was introduced to a website called NU3 who sell skincare, body care, food etc – they are a German company have have a huge selection of products. Think of it as a chic Holland and Barrett, or a continental pharmacy – I spent hours browsing the product ranges and most of the products aren’t sold in the UK which makes it more fun.

Here are my favourite picks (food wise!). 

Okotopia Teas

Okotopia Fennel Tea

Okotopia teas are loose leaf style ones – they are all natural which gives them a great flavour. There is Sage Tea, Stinging Nettle, Grenn Tea Powder, Camomile but I went for Fennel as it’s good for nursing mothers, but also IBS and bloating. 

 The tea comes like this – just use a tea strainer to get the little bits out. The taste is very fresh.

Okotopia Fennel Tea 1

I also find a teaspoon works for a few cups of tea too so it’s quite economical.  Unlike fennel I buy for other things I found this tea version had less ‘floaty’ bits which can be really annoying when you are using it to make tea. 

This costs £3.49 for 100g.

Sonnentor Wider Gut Reine Nervensache – which means Well Again! Calm Down Tea Bags!

Whilst I love loose teas, teabags are useful for many situations.  This tea contains lavender, apple mine and orange peel, which gives it a tangy flavour without being too floral. I have this tea before bedtime and it’s quite relaxing and is caffeine free. 

Sonnentor Wider Gut Reine Nervensache

This is £4.39 for 18 tea bags.

I am always looking for a way to get more iron into my diet, which is good for pregnancy and also breastfeeding. I do have those Spatone sachets which taste pretty disgusting. Floradix taxes absolutely fine and is a nicer way to add more iron to the diet – it’s also good for people who suffer from fatigue (like me!).  

Using this with vitamin C (such as orange juice) make it absorb better.  Having it with caffeinated drinks and milk affects it negatively.  You take 3 x 15ml daily and you get a whopping 700ml! 

Floradix Mit Eisen Iron Supplement

When I was pregnant they did a blood test and I had extremely high iron levels which is great for the baby so I’d recommended these to anyone planning, pregnant or nursing! 

Floradix Mit Eisen Iron Supplement 1

This is £17.49 for 700ml. *Floradix is on sale in the UK but in different packaging and I’ve never seen the 700ml here?

Do you take any recommended teas or supplements?


*PR Samples

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