Health Kick: Nude Detox Dietary Supplements

I will be trying out these Nude Capsules for the next month or so! I am always into the idea of vitamins and supplements – I have bought a lot from brands like DHC and Fancl (both Japanese brands that have supplements for EVERYTHING) but guess what – I never get round to taking any of them.

As well as requiring discipline, my body is quite sensitive to new medicines and treatments so if I get a whiff of a migrane or a tummy ache I stop taking them.

Anyway, New Year may as well give things a go. I got one of these in the post from Nude so will be testing them out:

NUDE detox.jpg

Health Tablets are big business – you only need to walk through Boots to see how many different types there are.

I am torn – I want these tables to make be feel better, to make my hair and skin look better but I have no idea if it genuinely will or if its all subliminal. After all, my Nana is build likc a brick and she never took supplements, took up veganism or drank 8 litres of water….

Nude Detox-2.jpg

Tablets are quite bit, I am a tablet swallowing pro so its ok but if you gag at this kind of thing, take note. They are filled with a green powder:

Nude detox-3.jpg


Well, lets give it a go anyway, will report back. But I swear, one twitchy eyebrow and its to the decomissioned box it goes:

Nude Detox-1.jpg

Supplements – do you take them? If so, what for?

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  1. liloo says

    Fantastic. I can’t wait to hear what effect is has had on you. I really like the sound of this ‘treatment’ x

  2. diskogal says

    Ok, this has nothing to do with the supplements, but I really *really* love the Nude logo. So simple and clever. Sometimes graphic designers amaze me!
    Just wanted to get this off my my chest 😛

  3. says

    I take supplements in iron.. and multi-vits, not sure if they help at all, but I swear they do.. 😉 Vitamin C when my immune system is flagging, too!

  4. says

    Huh, a lot of those ingredients in the smooth food 2 part are what you can take when sick to help your sore throat…. If that stuff is any indication, I would be surprised if you felt sick from these, unless you have an allergy.