Heal those scars! Heal Advanced Formula Skin Therapy Gel Review

When I first got sent this Heal Gel I marvelled at it’s cute retro look then sat there thinking…what do I have to heal?!

At the time…nothing.

Thanks to the cat though, who gave me a nice deep scratch when Mr C dropped some pans and scared the life out of her – I had somewhere to try the gel out! I also had a bit of a sore brow after waxing so used it on that.


So this product is basically a healing gel, which is calming and soothing.

Protects and rejuvenates the skin layers thereby helping in the natural healing process.

Effectively reduces the appearance and reddening of scars flattening, and making these more supple. Calming and soothing.

This product was created be 5 leading British Plastic surgeons, and a skin biochemist – so as you can imagine, this product was made with ‘healing’ scars in mind. #alttext#

You can use this on any troublesome area, but not on broken skin. I could feel a slightly ‘menthol’-y feel to it – it didn’t sting or feel uncomfortable but it was there.

I used this on my scratch and it worked quite well in terms of making the redness go away. I scar very very very easily so it was good to know that it will disappear eventually.

The gel is a translucent solution:


When this did work miracles is on my brow, which was a little sore after a wax and I was worried it would scar.

I applied this twice a day for 3 days and it helped so much! The day after a sort of skin had formed over my brow, the next day it began to peel and by day 3 it had fallen off but the skin was red. On day four the redness had gone – phew!



I really like this product – I do feel that it works and I’ll dig it out whenever I need some healing power!

Buy it here for £33.50.

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  1. Jen says

    I think I agree with Stacie, I wouldn’t want to spend £33 for the odd scrape or cut, but if it was for post-surgery, or perhaps for a scar on the face, then I probably would be more willing to invest :) I usually turn to my trusty old Savlon antiseptic healing gel when I get cuts and scrapes. Sounds like it did a good job on your sore brow!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen & Stacie

      Totally with you guys there, £33 is expensive for a scar gel and Savlon can do the job. Mind you, a perfect example of when this was useful was with my eyebrow (after the waxing) it was red raw and I was scared I’d be scarred – I mean this is my eye area so obviously I was crapping myself…

      This stuff healed it up so quick and also there’s no scarring which is unusal as I scar very very easily, even from mild abrasions. So please don’t ever fight with me.

  2. Jen says

    I’m glad your brow healed up okay, it did look rather “ouch!”. Sounds like you will make good use of this Heal gel with you being so easily scarred! ps. I wouldn’t ever dare fight you ‘cos I bruise like a peach 😀

  3. Nicci says

    Hi, was just wondering, does this product work on acne scars? I have them terrible on my face and this sounds good but at £33 its a bit much if it doesn’t work on them. Thanks

  4. Amber says

    Hi Nicci, I have bad acne scarring and have just bought heal gel. I’ve been using it for a week now and I can see a definate improvement. My overall skin tone is now even and my skin is glowing. I just hope all the scars completely fade with this stuff. Hope this helps :)