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Got a terrible migrane girls, can barely see a thing. So no new posts for now whilst I take a nap and sleep it off tonight. Bear with me, I’ve got some gorgeous goodies to show you. A couple of Hedex and Berroca will sort me out for tomorrow!

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  1. Li says

    I am a fellow migraine sufferer, it’s hell, I find soluble painkillers to be the most effective – the stronger ones render me useless but 3 aspirin regularly seem to relieve the pressure. I never thought I would say that, after basically wanting to amputate my own head, but it’s true! x

    • Row says

      Hi Li

      I take one called Hedex – I can spot the signs now so I take pills asap and lie down if I can. Its horrific when it comes :(

  2. Ashley says

    I rather a headache than heartache (har har har). Still studying for college mid terms, I wish you & I both luck! Feel better soon, I know I won’t!