Hayfever Woes: Vital Eyes & Murine Eye Drops

As if its not bad enough looking haggard and tired from the lack of zzz’s, hayfever is making me look like one of those girls that constantly look like they are on the brink of tears, the ones that cry over everything; from looking 2lbs heavier to headlines like ROBERT PATTISON – GAY?

I blogged about Visine which is gorgeous stuff but only on sale in the US – so I went on a hunt to see what good, affordable drops there are in the UK highstreet.

My eyes are sensitive. I find most hayfever specific drops very stingy and painful to use.

There’s Vital Eyes – my favourite is the Brightener – took redness away in a few seconds without any pain (I usually find whitening drops stingy).


Mmmm I need a few because it normally takes me about 3 days to lose one plus they should be replaced after a few weeks.

Murine was also excellent – the bright and moist eyes moisturized and brightened and it is also a generous size:


This was £3.99 – I’d highly recommend this one to keep at the desk to keep the eyes hydrated. It soothed (not cured) the itchyness but as I mentioned earlier, I can’t use specific hayfever eye drops as they hurt too much so this is my alternative.


*sniff sniff* – is anyone else dying of Hayfever too?

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  1. Girl says

    Ugh, RPatz.

    I haven’t seen either the Vital Eyes or Murine brand drops Stateside, but we do have Rohto brand eye drops. They’re made in Japan and my favorite eye drop is the ‘Rohto V Artic'; it stings at first and temporarily makes my eyes red at first, before leaving them blindingly white. The Rohto Z eye drop, on the other hand, are great rewetting your eyes and for mixing with shadow to create liner.