Hayfever Remedies *atchoo*

Not strictly beauty related but I have terrible hayfever – I don’t enjoy the sunshine because it can be crippling. And make up – streaming off my face within an hour. Here is what I am using to control the effects:

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Loratadine (otherwise known as Clarytin). I get 30 for 99p from here. Much better than buying it as ‘Clarytin’ since its a few pounds for just 7.

I use a nasal spray (once again a non branded one costs less) and allergy eye drops too (unfortunately not whitening, but deals with the itches.). I am also trailling a product called Haymax, which you apply to the base of your nostrils to catch the pollen. Too early to report on this but I’ll let you know soon if its any good.

I also have a spoonful of honey – I love manuka honey but its too expensive, I have a Marks & Spencers honey which has a large slice of honeycomb in it. It just looks pretty then I feel closer to the bee.

*atchoo* Does anyone have any other remedies?

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  1. says

    My tiny suffers with hayfever, and I’ve found using any kind of balm applied to the entrance of her nostrils really helps – at the moment we’re using the L’occitane mother and baby balm, we’ve also used Egyptian Magic for it.

    • Row says

      I have been using Haymax around my nose, Grace, but its good to know other things can be used

    • Row says

      Yeah Cetrizine is ok, I just grab what ever is on offer 😀 I’m cheap like that.

  2. Christie says

    I have bad hayfever as well. I get tablets from my doctor…I dont seem to having as much trouble this year though. I use vaseline round my nostrils. And I have to wash my hair every day in summer cos pollen clings to your hair as well. I’ve had it since I was 7…wish it would go away. x x x

    • Row says

      Hi Christine

      Yes the vaseline I think is a similar idea to haymax – I wash my hair everyday anyway but I didn’t knwo that also helps hayfever!! yaya!