Have you seen the new look Pantene Pro-V range?

When a household name brand suddenly changes it’s name (Opal Fruits = Starburst), formula or packaging it can be a bit of a oooh moment.

Pantene, household haircare brand recently had a make over in terms of packaging and formula (have you seen the Liv Tyler adverts?). Over 5 years of research and 18 PHD scientists were involved in researching and developing the new line up, which looks like this:

Pantene Deep Repair Masqua New Style Shampoo

The products have been split into groups by hair type (Normal-Thick Hair, Fine Hair and Coloured Hair) and is usefully colour co-ordinated so you can find what you want!  The ranges are pretty huge, encompassing shampoo and conditioners, as well as styling products…

I went to an event with a presentation of the range and it was interesting watching videos of the ‘torture tests’ (really!), where hair is taken and put through a number or machines (ie. a machine that brushes it over and over) to see how effective Pantene is compared to other similar shampoos, and the answer was, very (I don’t have the video, but it was a interesting watch!).

I guess I didn’t realise the amount of work that time that goes into formulating and developing Pantene hair products…

Pantene Shampoo 1

Interestingly with the new Pantene range, the products are not only split into hair texture and whether it’s dyed or not, it is also split into different needs (ie. the range made for coloured hair comes in volume and smooth formulas) because obviously, coloured hair can be thick or thin.

They also have a protect and shine spray which I have been using with hair straighteners and works well, and my all time favourite, the colour seal concentrate.

The range most suitable for me (Normal-Thick) has a repair and protect, smooth and sleek, and total fullness shampoo and conditioner (smooth and sleek for me!).

When it comes to Pantene, I am the most fond of their conditioners – because of my tendency to get a sensitive itchy scalp I use a very basic shampoo instead, but I need full blast, de-knotting conditioners and Pantene fits the bill!*

I tried the 2 min Colour Damage Rescue Treatment Masque (which has a cool lift up lip which is handy in the shower, as you don’t have to unscrew it) which is fab, and the 2min Deep Repair Masque which is a thinner texture than the masque, but still works very quickly to get through knots – my hair gets incredibly knotted up during washing.  I do get through this stuff quickly though – my hair can take repairing conditioners a few times a week because of how frizzy it is so I need ready stock of this conditioner.

*I have used many organic conditioners and they do not work on my mop head.

So that’s just an overview of the new Pantene range. Have you tried it, do you like it?


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  1. sarah says

    Ive heard that Pantene is really bad for your hair as it contains silicon that just coat the hair??