Haul:Quick Shop of MAC Foundation, Blusher and Brushes

This is the make up I bought from my sort of traumatic experience at MAC last week. Had a great time in London though, got everything I wanted to do, done – which is rare.

So I bought:

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Foundation Blusher brush Caryon Kohl.jpg

The new 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

The new Mineralize SPF 15 Cream Compact Foundation (in NC40!!!!!!!)

LE Mineralize Blush – I asked for Sun and Moon, when I got home I realised he had given me Chic Couple which is far more orange! D’oh

Two Kohl Pencils – in Fascinating (white) and Smoulder (black).

The new brush is FAB. I’m not the biggest fan of duo fibre brushes but this one has quite a small head and is densely packed – love it! (Although I wasn’t expecting it to cost as much as £27)…

MAC 130 short duo fibre brush foundation .jpg

The mineralized blushers, if I’m honest look a bit too glittery for my liking. However – I grew to love it once I swatched it – Chic Couple has a bright orange and a tan bronze shade.

Its pretty pigmented so you only need a bit. One thing I’m finding with these blushers is how easy it is to get particles everywhere!On the lid, on my bed, on my clothes….

Mac Cosmetics mineralize Blusher.jpg

Swatch – its quite orange but nice, not on any enlarged pores though, eh?!

MAC Chic Couple Mineralized blusher .jpg

Also – about the Mineralized Foundation! I am addicted to buying base products and what appealed to me about that one is that its very rich and creamy indeed.

I do like it a lot although NC40 is a bit dark for me. Its madly hydrating so ideal for my dry cheeks – I reckon you would need powder to set for oily skin, but more likely you’d avoid this base altogether.

I applied it with a sponge for the first time today and it has such a beautiful texture when applied with one – like a aqua – water – rich feel.

Reminds me of a lot of Japanese cream foundations that feel cooling and moist on the skin when you apply it.

Finally I bought two kohl pencils – I really, really, really like these pencils.

They are so soft and easy to use – they work on my waterline which is so wet its hard to apply pencils on. Can’t say anything bad about these pencils at all!

MAC is good for those basics.

MAC Kohl Eye Pencil Black and White.jpg

So that was my random London Haul.

Traumatic experience visiting the shop, but some rather decent purchases!

What’s the last thing you bought at MAC?

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  1. says

    I also got the 130 brush. I use it to apply my MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15. I had traded in my MAC Face & Body for the Moisture Tint since I don’t think I’m a heavy foundation kind of gal. I was appalled when she told me it was $38 for the 130 brush. Gah! But alas, of course I got it anyways. I also got a teal/turquoise eye shadow. I love shades like that :)

  2. says

    And just for the record, I have a 187 brush that came in a holiday set, so even though it was machine made, I still can’t use it. It sheds like mad and it’s just too big for my face. The 130 brush is perfection in my opinion. The perfect length and density :)