Hauled it: YSL Singulier Mascara Review

I was not on the market for new mascara, but there was much buzz about YSL’s new mascara, Singulier, and besides, I’ve always been a fan of YSL’s Faux Cils mascara (When used with Shiseido Lash Base).

So I hopped down to Boots (literally) and picked up this beauty for £21 (eek!):


Gorgeous visual, no?

Here is the mascara!!

YSL Mascara Singulier -1.jpg

Like all YSL mascaras’ it has this light scent (which I like) but I accept its weird to have fragrance in a mascara. The glam gold tube:

YSL Mascara singulier.jpg

Did I tell you Faux Cils mascara in Blue is stunning – its electric! Anyway this mascara is supposed to give a “3D” effect. The brush looks different depending on what angle you view it from – its spiral but also a bit comb-y”

ysl mascara singuiler.jpg

Another angle:

ysl mascara singulier-1.jpg

Love the brush. Not too big, not too small. One side is a comb to get the separated effect, one side is a spiral and is good for depositing the mascara without clumping:

eye no mascara lash perm.jpg

My bare eye. I have just had a lash perm so I can’t really rate this mascara on its ability to hold curl fairly. However, I will say that Faux Cils which is a very heavy mascara, holds beautifully IF I curl then use Shisiedo lash primer underneath.

Ready? This is one light coat:

ysl mascara singuler.jpg

Cor! Yes, I know, I know, its lovely. Long but separated. From underneath:

ysl mascara .jpg

Two coats:

ysl mascara.jpg

Ignore the clumping on my bottom lashes, I didn’t apply the mascara properly. From another angle:

ysl singuler mascara.jpg


Let’s not pretend – £21 is ridunkulously expensive for a mascara, but if you are like me, forever buying mid priced mediocre mascaras, its really worth just investing in one amazing one.

There is also the scent issue – not everyone is into scented mascara but I personally, really like the YSL scent, it reminds me being a kid and “borrowing” my aunts YSL Red Champagne scented lipstick.

HOWEVER – did you see the pictures?! This is a spectacular mascara and no mistake. The result is long, separated, gorgeous lashes that are non crusty when dry. Its not waterproof but my eyes do water and it did not run on me.

I can’t be sure if this would be as spectacular if I didn’t have a (painful) lash perm – but I do think curling first and using my beloved Shiseido primer would hold the curl for me under normal circumstances.

Anyway – what a simply gorgeous mascara. Such a hit, a hit!

P.S. I want this in blue. Its my birthday soon. Hint. Hint.

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    I’m always looking for the perfect mascara… Not found yet. Hope to have the chance to try this soon, it seems gorgeous.

  2. Gabriela says

    I`m looking for a mascara that curls my lashes because I`ve got them too straight. Thanks for the review!

  3. says

    OH.MY.GOD!!!!! I sooo want this mascara! jsut watching the first pic I don’t care about volume and falsh lash effect…. I just want this! *__* I’m in love! *throws her MUFE Aqua Smokey Eyes away*
    I don’t even care about the scent until it irritates my eyes! I can’t smell it on my lashes, right? HEHEEHE
    Hope devilbay helds some cheap finds of this for me ;D