Peer Pressue Hauling: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Word on the street is Urban Decay’s Naked palette is THE palette to own – although I admit I largely blocked it out – just not too interested in neutrals.

However, when I was alerted to it being in stock online – and the price was only £27 (that is fab value for the amount of colours you get plus a mini primer, plus a double ended 24/7 pencil) I just had to order it.

When Mr C saw this, he asked me if it was chocolate and could he share. It is rather Dairy Milk:


You’ve probably seen this everywhere, well, here it is again! There’s a lovely mix of shades, mattes, shimmers, glittery from white to black. Amazing!


I should also add that I do like UDPP and I do like the 24/7 pencils a lot. I would’ve prefered the golden pencil (baked?) in lieu of the brown one, but hey-ho.

More pics…
I like how logical this palette it. It begins with the palest colour, it begins with the matte, the one you’d apply all over then slowly graduates…


Next 4 move into matte and shimmer golds and browns, the neutral contour shades, the subtle highlights. Darkhorse is a gorgeous brown for daytime contouring.


Last 4 are a bit more wacky – toasted is a shimmer and hustle, creep and gunmetal is a rich dark smoky shade.






No regrets buying this kit at all £27 wouldn’t even buy you one Chanel quad so this is amazing value and very useful for smoky or natural looks. I don’t like overly large palettes, I HATE cardboard palettes but this is not as big as I thought it would be; it’s quite long but slender.

Did you get your hands on this palette or will you skip it?

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i have this. I’m not interested in neutrals either but its just so handy to have so many in the one palette for work or daytime looks.

  2. Kitty says

    I am IN LOVE with the colours on the palette!! I want it so bad, I might ask for it for Christmas, maybe even an early Christmas present cause I want it now ;D

    Kitty x

  3. Jen says

    I was totally over all the hype over this palette…but when I saw it in person in Debenhams, I just HAD to have it! I love how even a cardboard palette can feel so luxurious, and the colours are nicely pigmented. I’ve been using it everyday last week since buying it, and haven’t run out of colour combos yet lol Definitely a bargain for £27…glad they’re not making it a limitied edition :)

  4. says

    Still fighting this one… If only I owned a few less neutrals, maybe I ‘d have given in by now… hmmm… but the fact that I ‘m STILL feeling the urge to get this from time to time, does say sth, doesn’t it? Lol! :)
    Great swatches btw!


  5. says

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