Hauled it: Sparkly Lips with Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in Galaxie and Passion

eBay is such a great place for make up bargains! I picked up these two Paul & Joe Lip Glosses (they have been repackaged recently so look slightly different to the new ones) in Galaxie (a silver with glitter) and Passion (a juicy sheer red with glitter).

I can never get enough of Paul & Joe packaging:


I’m glad that Paul & Joe is easier to purchase these days, on various retail outlets. The silver one, Galaxie is sheer and glittery and not quite as unflattering as one would imagine.

Here is the brush applicator – it’s quite solid so I personally smoushed (that’s a technical term) it down to soften it up:


Passion on the other hand looks far more pigmented, and is a deep juicy red infused with sparkle. It reminds me of jam here:



So pretty! Do you like the sparkle? I think that although the glitter is very noticeable, it’s not chunky or unattractive. It looks quite nice for the summer when the sun shines on it, and it’s twinkly goodness.



This could look so nice on top of something else. On itself, there is little pigment and it looks sheer with a slight whitish edge and lots of fine glitter.



This is nowhere near as pigmented as I thought it would be!

Instead, this turns into a sheer cherry colour, with a few sparkles. Guess I can’t complain because this makes it highly wearable but if you are looking for pigment, this is not the gloss.

Overall 2 cute hauls (I paid about £7 each for these on ebay, about half the retail price).

I like Paul & Joe Lipglosses despite how sheer they are – they’re not madly unique after all but pretty, wearable. How about you?

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  1. says

    I also Love Paul & Joe lip glosses. Passion is such a beautiful color too. I think Paul & Joe quality are very good and not to mention their packaging are super cute too!.

    I recently got myself some Lip gloss G and they are sooo super smooth to wear.