Hauled it: Shu Uemura Morphorium Blue Palette & Pretty Highlighter P Gold 94

I was walking, innocently, though Selfridges when the Shu Uemura girl accosted me to show me the Paloma Faith collection.

I like this Shu sales girl – she’s dozy but completely sweet and charming so before I knew it she had used their newest palette, Morphorium on my eyes and I have to say she did a great job.

Here is the Morphorium look, which uses the Blue Palette, and some of their new Limited Edition pigment pots (I believe Khaki was used on the model below for the area just near her brow):


I like these limited edition palettes Shu Uemura brings out but – they’re gorgeous – but a bit too samey. I own about 4 in total and they’re all so brown-gold-neutral. The Blue palette is fabulous because it’s a bit more risky, and quite funky!

The price of these has also fallen to £39 which is reasonable for such a pretty palette:


There’s two powder shadows in rich purple and a rich ocean blue. There’s also a yellow highlighter, a cream chocolate brown liner/base and a cool toned sparkly pink blush. You also get 2 decent applicators in the pack.


Swatches! They are pretty pigmented (buildable also) and just a really lovely selection of the colours and textures. The blusher is on the pale side for me – it DOES leave a slight flush, mind you but it is also VERY sparkly.


Still this is a really pretty set from Shu and I reckon it’ll be handy to carry around with me since I love these blue and purple tones.

This is the other palette from the collection which is browns – very pretty but not as interesting in my opinion:


I also bought a blusher which I thought would make a really pretty highlighter or a base colour for eyeshadows.


This is P Gold 94. It’s more of a light white peach with gold sparkles through it.


Have you bought any of the Shu Palettes?

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  1. says

    I love the look of the palette, but I rarely/never wear blue shadows (it looks wrong on me, mostly due to lack of blue shadow application knowledge) so I’d most likely go for the safe, brown/gold one!

    The palette design is beautiful on both! I like it more than the Aya Takano cases.

    • Row says

      Hey H!

      Well the natural is nice too but the ones from xmas have a neutral palette and that’s half price I think, in harvey nichols 😀

  2. says

    Oh my god, the model looks stunning the the promotional photo and makes me want to own the palette so much.

    Yet looking at the blue in the pan, I know I’ll never touch it. Common sense won this round, no matter how pretty she looks or how gorgeous the packing is. If it was a collection of more wearable shades, my purse would be dashing off to hide in a deep dark corner in my room!

  3. Jen says

    I absolutely love the promo pic…those colours remind me of a bird of paradise, and I love the combination of the purple with the blue and green (not one that I would have thought of but it works together really well!). The palette looks gorgeous as well, I could see both the purple and blue working really well with a bronze/gold colour. The other palette looks great too, definitely more work-appropriate for me! Glad to hear they’ve dropped the prices too, it’s not too bad when you consider how much the individual shadows and blushers cost :)

    • Row says

      Aye it is just like Bird of Paradise…ooh an orange liner in the palette would’ve been HOT don’t you think? I just love crazy colours!

  4. Ana says

    OMG looks so gorgeous the palette and swatches, shame you didn’t take a picture of you with the look, must have been stunning! I am very patiently waiting for this palette to be released on beauty expert, cause I have a loyalty voucher I want to use, but I couldn’t resist getting the loose powders on SpaceNK the other day. They are stunning, stunning, stunning. And there was no loose sparkle under my eyes. Now you made me salivate to the point that I’m not sure I can wait much longer and might just use the loyalty voucher on something else! Naughty Row :-)

    • Row says

      Hi Ana

      It was nice but I was all sweaty that day 😀 hehe so I didn’t take any photos. I think you’d like this palette I noticed in store that they’ve got rid of some of the nicest colours from the range (Including metallic blue) so you can get it in this palette!